Mutya breaks silence…

One of the ironic verities of life, it has been said, is that sorrow is sometimes a touchstone of love.” – Justice Regalado

I wasn’t supposed to write anything about my recent experience, but I want to preserve this feeling for others to learn from it as well. We are always confronted with the question if there is true love or the concept of forever really exists. In telenovela and romantic movies, yes, but in real life it is not that easy to simulate.

Almost 7 years ago, I fell in love with an improbable person. Our relationship initially survived it being underground until it exploded. It landed in the headlines and subjects of gossipers and self-proclaimed showbiz writers. It was difficult, but it did not matter, despite the discrimination, despite the mockery, I strived hard to redefine love. The first point is love is a matter of courage. It not only a good and romantic feeling but also a belief that you need to prove to be true. It is a shared conviction worth dying for. Without courage there is no real love.

It was seven long years of nurturing relationship. From graduating in a nursing school to working in a call center, sailing to Manila, working in a hospital, many more and many more. Because of this seven long years, it is very difficult to move on because every small thing I see, I see him. When I see Jollibee, I remember him, every time I cross EDSA I remember him. His memories bleed across my timelines and my present reality. He became a part of my system. Love offers an experience distinct from other else.

Before he flew to Europe he forged an absolute promise of returning and fighting for what we have built together. He is one of the reasons why I took up law. I want to defend him when the time comes. I want to personally advocate for his rights and privileges. Then suddenly, he told me that he doesn’t love me anymore. He is happy now meeting with other people whom he barely knew. My automatic answer was YES, because depriving him of his happiness is offending the constitution and the fundamental laws of the land.

Love is selfless. Love must be liberating.

What happens now after he inflicted all forms of pain there is to feel?

He is expecting me to be angry. But I’m sorry, I am not that kind of person.

I am thankful. I finally woke-up after 7 years.

I am now happy knowing that nothing will ever hit me quite as hard again. Nothing will ever be beautiful, but neither will anything hurt as much.

“If they were meant to be in your life, nothing could ever make them leave. If they weren’t nothing in the world could make them stay.” – Lang Laev




Mutya slams House for “cannibalistic” death Penalty bill.

I am Mutya, I am pro-life.

Setting aside party colors, I would like to manifest my total objection to the re-imposition of Death Penalty in the Philippines. It seems that the majority of the House are in hurry to pass the “devilish” bill. Killing our own people is not the solution. If you are losing your hopes, if you are pressured to approve this inhumane measure because of political reasons—–please do not do it.

Killing our fellow Filipinos is cannibalistic and the government should not participate on this. It is not your business, not your mandate, and not even your calling. You are elected to represent the Filipino people across economic background, color and religion, thus you should dismiss bills which threatened our liberty and even they are part of the minority.

Death Penalty is anti-poor. Please check the records. The rich who could afford expert counsel were released alive, like a happy Maya, while the poor who have no access to competent defense suffered the capital punishment of death.

Open your eyes, the Supreme Court said that 7 out of 10 death penalty cases in the past have judicial error. Our criminal justice system is far from perfect. Sad to say, it could even be swayed by money. The blind-folded Lady Justice sometimes is not fair and just. We can’t let the lives of our fellowmen be played under the influence of dirty money and political connections.

Death Penalty is irreversible, thus we don’t have any chance to correct any wrong. Furthermore, it also prevents a person from contemplating and learning from his past mistakes. As a nation, we should aim for restorative justice. Killing a criminal will not heal the victims. It further opens the wound perpetually without closure. Before a person becomes a criminal, he is a human being and as a human being, we are believed to be innately good especially when given the right circumstances. The rise of criminality is the result of poor governance and widespread corruption that results to poverty.

Honorable Representatives of the people, let’s remember the cases of Fernando Galera, a 26 years old, fish vendor, innocent but sentenced to death because he can’t afford to pay competent lawyers, Richard Ong, 33 years old, innocent who was sentenced to death in 1994.  He was tortured and confessed something which he didn’t do. Hideshi Suzuki, 38, Japanese man sentenced to death in 1994 because of marijuana trafficking. He claimed that the marijuana was planted on him by a police officer. (M. Fajardo, Death Penalty in the Philippines).

Clearly, we are not ready for death penalty. We should dismiss this measure and focus on solutions that matter. Let us prevent evil forces from using Death Penalty to silence its critics and from erasing the poor from the crust of the Philippines.

The state has no right to kill a person without granting him the full protection of the laws. No person shall be deprived of life!



Greed, deception and blind adoration are more evil than Tarot

Tarot reading by itself is not EVIL especially if you are not conjuring Satan, any inferior demon or at the very least a dead person.

Tarot does not imply that God is not reliable or God is inferior. The art of Tarot reading does not prescribe any religion or belief system; it does not ask any offering, it only guides not coerce.

There is no evil in Tarot reading.

For me there are only three great evils in this physical world.

First is GREED—the feeling of wanting to have it all that results to corruption which is flagrant in any part of the world. It lures even in the most religious and most respected institutions. Clearly, this is more evil than playing Tarot.

Second is deliberately acting as a FALSE PROPHET. In the Holy Bible they are compared to ravenous wolves. They hide their true nature and intention under the cloak of “doing good”. Their inner personal motives direct their actions. They propagate false ideations, they play with words to hypnotize while their canines are hungry, ready to suck out the blood of the innocent. This is more evil than playing Tarot.

Lastly, BLIND ADORATION OF THE EVIL, assisting any evil to commit murder or any illegal act that contributes to the completion of its mission. It also means being too silent amidst all the evil happening around him.

“Tarot cards are not evil.  Forget everything you have heard about this unsubstantiated rubbish! At the end of the day, a Tarot card is just a card. A skilled Tarot reader will use the cards to assist them in a reading; to enlighten the recipient and provide them with guidance for the future in a myriad of ways. It is not possible to use these cards for evil purposes unless the reader has bad intentions and deliberately misguides the receiver of the reading.” –

My only intention when I started to study and read Tarot is to help people to believe that there is still goodness in this world, and hope can be achieved by doing good, no more, no less. I hope that people will remain sensitive and respectful to other person’s belief.

For me, religion should be based on actions and not on words.


We are safer with VP Robredo – Mutya

Ultimate loser former Senator Bongbong Marcos accused Vice President Leni Robredo that the lady stole the vice-presidency from him. 

The 200,000+ vote lead of Robredo urged the younger Marcos to infer that there was rigging of the election. He then moved to file a petition before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. 

This is a vicious attempt by Marcos to again undermine the will of the Filipino people. This malicious actions are expected since history would tell us who among the two is capable of violating laws to amass either property, life, liberty or even as noble as a parcel of land in the Libingan ng Bayani. 

The younger namesake of the late dicator if indeed is after the healing of this nation must acknowledge that change must start from their own family. 

No national healing comes to life without genuine acceptance of faults from the perpetrators during the black regime of Martial Law. For the younger Marcos to gain the respect of the Filipino people in general again, he should lead his family with the truth and not to result with same old tactics only fitting to the molding of a ruthless oppressor-dictator. 

While liability should not be passed to the younger generation of Marcoses, responsibility and morality runs in an uninterrupted manner and must be acknowledged by the present generation.

It is clearer now that the Marcoses is again after to seizing power. Between VP Leni Robredo and Marcos, the Philippines is safer with the former whose family’s track record is not painted with deceit, corruption, and human rights abuses. 


VP Leni is principled, ready to lead opposition. 

The resignation of Vice President Leni Robredo is a manifestation that she is a principled woman and a solid sign that she is now ready to face the crocodiles in our government as the LP matriarch. This should not be mistaken as a sign of weakness or a brewing political drama designed by the Liberal Party because it takes more than courage to yield a comfortable position nowadays in exchange to morals and beliefs, especially with this type of government that we have now. 

VP Leni is in no way fit to be a valid member of Duterte’s cabal who some are tainted with incompetence. 

The Vice President values her promise, she has delicadeza to abandon the unhealthy post offered by the President. 

Painstakingly, the Duterte adminstration again paints confusion to the minds of the Filipino people. His promise and his own brand of change is starting to become evident starting from the vile burial of the late dictator Marcos, selective justice impairing the rule of law and his overextended influence to other political branches of the government. 

VP Leni should now focus in uniting the opposition and assume the leadership to counter the demoralizing style of government of the Duterte administration. 

Laban Leni! Laban! 


Mutya spewed fire over Marcos burial, gets tattoo


If there is one person to blame to what is happening today in our country, it is President Rodrigo Duterte, the person whom we elected because of his compassion, excellent performance and strong political will. However, in less than a year since his election, our country faced so much division that can potentially lead to civil unrest. His insensitivity and crooked judgement is killing every Filipino and the country and the next generation still unborn.

I went to EDSA to join the protest against the burial of the late dictator Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I could not believe how they insulted and rubbed salt to the wounds of the victims of the dreaded Martial law regime.  Until today, many innocent people are still searching for their love ones, asking for justice and reparation but what this government did was to open again the wounds of the poor victims. This matter I believe is not about political colors, this is about history. And as President, Mr. Duterte and his cohorts distorted our history, by acquitting Marcos from his monstrous deeds during the past.

It is shameful and I feel nauseous upon thinking the now sour promise of President Duterte which is to heal the divide between the Filipino people. His close political affinity and sweet accommodation with the Marcoses betrayed the public trust. He failed to listen; he is not acting as the President of the Philippines. He is now the number one apologist of the Marcoses abetting and cleansing the dark deeds of the human rights abuser. Thus, compassion remained a promise and now starting to turn into a lie, because believe it or not, burying the plunderer Marcos in the Libingan does not involve any compassion at all.

As a sign of my defiance, I submitted myself to a tattoo artist for a dragonfly. According to my reading the dragonfly symbolizes real change and transformation. This is already a change of heart and a change of perspective, a form of personal disgust to the present government who failed me.

From now on, I encourage everyone to be vigilant and be cautious because evil is here in our country, and now they are in their plain accouterments, masquerading themselves as trusted public servants.


Potato Corner Rockwell branch serves frustration

A concerned “potato lover” on Thursday voiced out her frustrations rooted from the unacceptable service of Potato Corner Branch in Rockwell.

According to the concerned citizen, the branch in Rockwell destroyed the brand values of Potato Corner as a whole. She also pointed out that only three flavours were available– and this is a blatant and painful violation in expense of the comfort of its patrons.

The mission of Potato Corner is to provide the best potato fries for its customers but the reality in Rockwell is clearly out of proportion, a big disappointment and a gross negligence in protecting the good brand.

Now, we call on the Potato Corner general manager to suspend, at the very least to admonish the branch in Rockwell. They should know that the potato they are frying is the extension of the soul of those who love the product, and any smear or disrespect to the integrity of the fried potatoes will be dealt with cataclysm.