Always an inspiring and decent VP.

Vice President Leni Robredo just proved that public officials could act and speak decently, and thus, worthy to be called Honorable. The wife of then Interior and Local Government Secretary, Jesse Robredo, and now occupying the second highest position in the country, delivered her congratulatory speech during the Awarding and Presentation Ceremony of Ramon Magsaysay 2016.

The Vice President said and I quote “ideas, which when used to cultivate humanity, are “more powerful than guns” and “more commanding than dictators.”

This is a clear stance that fear and humiliation should stop and that the government should seek for alternative solutions to most pressing problems of our country.

Even then President Ramon Magsaysay on his credo said

“Those who have less in life, should have more in law.”

This is an echoing statement, so true even today, that as government of people and by the people, we have the primary duty to uphold the rule of law and most importantly, our faith in  humanity.

I remembered one of my officemates said,

“Laws separate us from animals.”

VP Robredo also emphasized that we need to find and believe that inside of us are both a giant and a hero.

The speech was truly inspiring and it touched my nationalistic and patriotic spot. It made me realized that, goodness is more powerful than evil.

The speech of VP Robredo encourages positivity rather than by inflicting fear and intimidation to achieve a certain goal. It inspired me to dream big again and again, and to always do the things that make me happy and alive.

She is a real FILIPINO leader.

Ramon Magsaysay Award is considered as the Nobel Prize equivalent in Asia. It was established after the untimely death of President Ramon Magsaysay. The award honor individuals and organizations whose contributions have enhanced this creative tradition of selfless service to the peoples of Asia.

I am happy that one of my favorite government officials, The Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio Morales, was the only Filipina who was elected as one of this year’s recipient for restoring faith in the rule of law.

– MutyaPH

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Abolish yourself, you are more corrupt; not the Filipino Youth.

Another one of the bizarre thoughts from the Philippine Congress — to abolish the SK.

With almost 20 million strong youth in the country waiting for their chance to participate in governance, where their voice will be heard and their actions will define the future of this generation, an insidious motion from the Congress is trying to reduce the youth’s image and influence from the mainstream into the side-lines—a mere spectator, while traditional politicians are enjoying the hard earned taxes of the Filipino people.  

It is not in the character of the Filipino youth to succumb to anyone’s erroneous and prejudicial accusations and generalizations. Some traditional politicians forget that they were once member of the youth, and youth participation in governance has always been a vital experience, that evidently shaped future leaders of this country.

This move both ridicules the constitution and the capacity of the youth to make things happen. This should not go down in history; this is a big joke, which the comics only deserve.

I would like to invite you to Article, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution which provides:

“The State recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being. It shall inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism, and encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs.”

It is clear as day that the state should do everything to encourage and empower the youth to become beneficial partners in nation-building. The move to postpone and worst to abolish the SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) slits the very throat of the youth. This is worse than extrajudicial killings.

Now for the 4th time, many legislators are starting to resurface the idea of abolishing SK, (the only venue of the youth to participate in governance), in the basis of corruption and inefficiency.

Just to return the favor, if corruption and inefficiency are the two contentions to abolish SK, then the youth should call also for the complete abolition of the House of the Representatives and the Senate where most of the corruptions are happening.  Remember, it is not the youth who has the ill-spent pork barrel. It is not the youth who does not have the balls to defend the constitution. It is not the youth who sells his/her nay or yae. Please do not overgeneralize the problem of corruption because if we are going to be strict with our calculations, we all know who is more corrupt here.

We already passed the reform SK law last year, and we are very happy because we can at least test the new measures, like the anti-dynasty and responsibility and accountability provisions. The new SK reform law if implemented very well can cure the disease infesting the Sanguniang Kabataan. Like other departments of the government, SK is not perfect; it needs guidance from higher political models on how to effectively serve the public’s interest.

Abolishing the SK is the worst decision the Congress could make. It will become an evil precedent for the future generations, that one time, in the history of the Philippines; the Republic removed the constitutional protected rights of the youth to help in creating their future. That one time in history, the government lose their faith in the youth. That for gazillion-th times, the government failed the youth.

The youth is a rich, vast source of innovative ideas, that when tapped can help in solving the most pressing problems of the country. The government as the pater of the youth should impose discipline and not death which tantamount through abolishing the SK. If there are problems in the system, then let’s fix it, learn from it and apply in the future.

I’m appealing to all thinking members of the Congress to stop this madness. The youth are your partners in building the future of this country. You should not lose your hope, trust and faith in us, because the good will always triumph over evil.

Lastly, as what the United Nations said, “The youth can be a creative force, a dynamic source of innovations, and they have undoubtedly, throughout history, participated, contributed, and even catalyzed important changes in political systems, power-sharing dynamics and economic opportunities.”


The National Museum will make you a loving Filipino.

If you want to understand the history of the Philippines, there is no better way than visiting the newly renovated National Museum.

Now, you have no reason to skip the invitation because the entrance is free of charge.

Aside from the excitement seeing first-hand paintings and sculptures of Philippines’ renowned National Artists, I learned also to appreciate the richness of the Philippines history. If only every Filipino has the chance to see the real treasures of our country as early as possible, I believe that we will develop a sense of nationalism and patriotism—two elements which are missing in most of us today.

As the saying goes, “You can’t love someone faithfully if you don’t know his/her past.” How can we love and defend our country from ideologies that destroy the very essence of our being Filipino, if we ourselves lack the required degree of comprehension of events and people before us. The history books could teach us, but seeing beyond the books are far different.

Please give me the opportunity to cite just one example, only one, because I don’t want to spoil your own visit after you read this.

The Spolarium by Juan Luna— The painting was entered by Luna to Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1884 in Madrid, where it garnered gold medal.  Dr. Jose Rizal once said,

“embodied [ in the Spolarium] the essence of our social, moral and political life: humanity in severe ordeal, humanity unredeemed, reason and idealism in open struggle with prejudice, fanaticism and injustice.


If we are keen enough, the Philippines is a living Spolarium.

Filipinos are suffering from poverty.

Many Filipinos are under the influence of illegal drugs.

Many human rights are oppressed.

Instead of Gladiator we drag and kill, innocent Filipinos without due process.

We are praising government idols.


The only difference this time is that—we will not win any gold medal.


If and only if we learn to revisit our history and appreciate its mysticism, we will be able to say that:

I am proud that I am a Filipino.

I will respect my fellow countrymen,

I will help my country because our ancestors did an excellent job to shape this nation.


Visit the National Museum today! I can accompany you if you want. 🙂





Where is the Mang Inasal I once loved?

Mang Inasal started from Iloilo and I was blessed to experience its love, passion for excellence and unique style in serving signature Filipino food favorites. I am an eye and tongue witness on how they won the hearts of the masses which caused their rapid expansion to 450 stores nationwide.

Tito, (who is now in heaven) always chooses Mang Inasal as the venue for our celebration. His reason–the store is inclusive and has the heart and the hands of a genuine Filipino.

I believed in him.

Actually, the Mang Inasal chicken in Iloilo was the best Inasal I ever tasted my whole life.

However, sad to say that the Mang Inasal that I knew and I loved back when I was in college is very far from what I am encountering today.

The classic soup is already part of history.

I already tested at least three Mang Inasal branches in Manila and all of them failed to serve the signature soup. For them, it is only soup but for me, it represents the warmth of the funny and inspiring conversations with Tito, which I am longing for.

In order to have a drop of chicken oil, you need to steal from the nearby table yourself.

For you to have the sauce, you need to ask five times from the attendants.

For you to have the tissue, you need to stand up and get it from the counter.

Water is already self-service. I tell you, when it started in Iloilo, giving water to patrons was part of the protocol.

Where is the excellent customer service?

This is heart-rending, as someone who eats in Mang Inasal to reminisce the happy memories with my Tito.

Mang Inasal is a place where I can be happy and smile when my heart and head are heavy.

Mang Inasal positioned as a place where I can talk to Tito, where I can see him again, eating the chicken and the halo-halo while grinning.

Tears fell from my eyes as I repeatedly witnessed in many occasions how Mang Inasal deviates from its real purpose. The vision of its creator, whom I looked up to, is starting to shatter.

All I know is that, Mang Inasal ang Tito died a year ago.

Lastly, to the management of Mang Inasal, if you have love and compassion remaining for your customers, kindly uplift your standards once again. Please review the qualifications of your managers and crew. Please deliver the promised excellent experience, and most importantly, please respect the history of Mang Inasal.


MutyaPH calls for LGBT political unification.  

It is time to create a unified LGBT alliance in the Philippines.

Like other political groups in the country, it is high time now for the LGBT community to team up and strengthen their political image. By so doing, the group can traction political agenda and attention to their advantage.

Despite the presence of Ladlad Partylist as the pioneering LGBT organization in the country, a missing link is evidently present as manifested by its disorganized and ununified networks in the periphery.

A unifying LGBT organization may it be Ladlad or not should be created as soon as possible, now that LGBT membership is increasing in numbers.

It is also an opportune time to create a unified and nationwide movement since LGBT groups have strong backing which is present in both lower and upper houses.

The message is clear, the strategy must shift from rallying to lobbying in all branches of government. Every LGBT members here in the Philippines should exert all his or her efforts and dedication to push for the legislation and implementation of LGBT rights and welfare.

Let’s all gather our wigs, put our most expensive make-ups, wear the most glittering wardrobes and ramp the session hall for an open and friendly discussion.

LGBT community must unite, and the time is now.


If you are a woman fight for Senator De Lima.

If you are a woman fight for Senator De lima. Imagine if this is your mother, being in a position of malice and prejudice, caused by the president himself, who sworn to protect the rights and the welfare of all, under the regime of truth and the rule of law.

It is disheartening how the President of the Philippines publicly ridiculed a woman. Innocent or not, with basis or without, Sen. De Lima deserves the respect from a man, especially the President, who is now being looked upon and perceived as a role model by the younger generation. However, this is not about politics, this is now a concrete scenario, how a man is abusing a woman.

Calling a woman publicly as “immoral” is already a form of psychological abuse. As someone with high regards and respect to women, as he claimed, he should have prevented his mouth from saying those tirades publicly. That simply means change really came. We have now a president who can admonish women in the basis of his political interest.

Sen. De Lima was only doing her job. As the chair or committee on human rights and previous Secretary of Department of Justice, it is in her blood already, the urge to investigate alleged human rights violations that are currently infesting the country.

Recently two UN Human rights advocate called the attention of the President to stop the increasing number of extrajudicial killings in the country. According to them, the President is violating International Humanitarian law for his “licensed to kill” campaign.

With all of these, we should support Sen. De Lima in her quest to pursue justice and the rule of law.

As citizens, we have the duty to poke our leaders when they appeared unpresidential. The President should not interfere with the actions of the legislative branch and he should be focusing now on his promises.

Let the investigations reveal the truth.


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Mutya: Don’t blame Pokemon, blame monster politicians for traffic.

At least Pokemons make the commuters happy.

The remark that Pokemon is causing the tremendous traffic in Metro Manila is both hilarious and ludicrous knowing that even before Super Mario, traffic in the Philippines’ capital is already debilitating.

Pokemon is not a member of the House of the Representatives, Judiciary, Senate or any office in the Executive Branch of Government.

Pokemons can’t decide whether it is right or wrong. They can’t even create or advance any measures to improve the traffic in Metro Manila. Pokemons are not political animals.

Just to note, Pokemons do not have pork barrels.

They are not corrupt.

Their actions are not insidious.

Incompetence and lack of goodwill are the main cause of traffic.

Pokemons are not being paid to do the job.  They do not control the Department of Transportation. They don’t decide traffic rules, they don’t enforce our laws. In fact, Pokemons are incapable of being so relaxed, doing nothing to ease the burden of the poor commuters.

To blame the Pokémon’s is form of defense mechanism called displacement. Displacement involves taking out our frustrations, feelings, and impulses on people or objects , such as the Pokémon, that are less threatening. Thus, blaming Picachu and Psyduck is understandable, now that, many of our government officials cannot decipher how to solve the traffic.

Pokémon’s are friendly; they make people happy, especially in the road and in lonely places. It is the poor man’s haven and comfort to catch them while gaining rewards because, believe it or not, in the real world, there are no Pokémon’s, what we have are some legislators who are monsters; always there, ready to corrupt even the simplest joy from all of us.

Let’s catch them all!


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