Choose to Love a Nurse


Loving a NURSE is like hitting the 6/55 lotto draw.

Love a nurse because he is smart, he knows your anatomy and physiology. He can point the exact location of your heart, he can describe your heartbeat, your breathing and your vitals. Whenever necessary, he could immediately give you a back tap, a Heimlich maneuver, a massage, an over the counter drug from Mercury and or Watson’s, a glass of water, a health advice.

His care is extraordinary. He could anticipate your feeling before it occurs. He allows you to verbalize, to shout at him, to cry, to watch the monster out of you without signs of intimidation, judgement, only silence, active listening and understanding. He fights for your rights and welfare. He will go on hunger strike just to keep you safe.

His touch is better than any mobile phone available; it communicates genuine regard and care. It could appease pain, suffering, hunger, agitation and despair. His voice is better than any of the multinational artists, it soothes your ears, alleviates your anxiety, makes you sleep and stimulates your appetite for free.

And when the time you get old, weak and bedridden, A nurse will forever  be a nurse. He will change your diaper, he will feed you with osteorized food via a nasogastric tube, he will auscultate your lungs, he will turn you side to side, lift you up in bed every two hours to prevent pressure ulcer, he will suction your secretions, he  will prevent infections by doing bed bath, hand washing, meticulous skin care and isolation.

When you are dying, he will sing your favorite song, he will pray at the bedside, he  will ask the pastor to pray for you, he will cry secretly; always at the back of the curtain or in the comfort room.  He smiles at you as if he is still strong. And when the time comes, he will perform post mortem care; he will wipe you with her own hands, from head to toe, whispering her last words, his promises of forever, and undying love.