Let’s help gays come out of the closet – Mutya

One night, Paula surreptitiously entered her room. In her right hand was her public administration books while on her left hand was her crown from winning a fiesta-wide beauty competition. She thought that 2:00 A.M. was already safe to hide her true color but her father caught him. She was placed inside an empty sack of rice, she was humiliated, and she was bitten until she fell unconscious. Paula was his screen name; his real name is Ronelo Jr. According to him, he was a girl trapped inside a man’s body. This is a real story. And Ronelo Jr. (Paula) is only one of possibly millions of gays who are still inside their closets – afraid.

The Global Divide on Homosexuality

Based from a study conducted by Pew Research Center in the United States, it revealed that acceptance of homosexuality is particularly widespread in countries where religion is less central in people’s lives. These are also among the richest countries in the world. These countries include United States of America, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Britain, Australia and Argentina.

Meanwhile, publics in Africa and in predominantly Muslim countries remain among the least accepting of homosexuality. In sub-Saharan Africa, at least nine-in-ten in Nigeria (98%), Senegal (96%), Ghana (96%), Uganda (96%) and Kenya (90%) believe homosexuality should not be accepted by society.

Status of gays in PH

In a report released by the Inquirer.net, it was revealed that the Philippines is the most gay-friendly in the world. It is on top of the high religiosity index the Philippines got in a different survey. However, despite of these statistics, it is still saddening to note that many of gays in the Philippines are still closeted, unable to actualize their true potentials.

“LGBT students in the Philippines are often the targets of ridicule and even violence,” said Ryan Thoreson, a fellow in the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch. “And in many instances, teachers and administrators are participating in this mistreatment instead of speaking out against discrimination and creating classrooms where everybody can learn.” – https://www.hrw.org/news/2017/06/21/philippines-lgbt-students-face-bullying-abuse

Why it is so hard to come out?


The Philippines proudly boasts to be the only Christian nation in Asia. More than 86 percent of the population is Roman Catholic. (asiasociety.org/education/religion-philippines) This number exerts a heavy pressure to members of the third sex wherein, gays are perceived as immoral and sinners. More often than not, being gay, are synonymous linked with lewdness, contagious diseases and insanity.

This is expected from the church. Their dogmas are painful to take. See for example: If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13).

Here’s an argument I want to place forward. Homosexuality is not a choice, it is a gift, a predisposition from the same God these judgmental religions are kneeling to. We cannot rely on the book of Leviticus, with due all respect, to generalize that gays are lower class citizens. Leviticus cannot decide the fate of homosexuals. The book of Leviticus and other historical records were made before we clearly understood the science of homosexuality.

What our religious institution failed to consider is the fact that the spirit of the Bible for example, is to love one another, give each other respect and accept one another. In my humble point of view, our biblical doctrines must be interpreted to give effect to the universal theme of our religion, which is love and inclusion. We cannot cherry-pick biblical lines to inflict intimidation or to effect discrimination. It is a sin to judge a person based on his or her gender-preference.


Filipinos highly value the presence of their families more than anything. Regardless of the liberal influence they have gotten from the west, the family remained the basic unit of their society. In a traditional Filipino family, the father is considered the head and the provider of the family while the mother takes responsibility of the domestic needs and in charge of the emotional growth and values formation of the children.


It is reasonable to know that gays who were brought up by traditional Filipino families value the traditional thinking of their parents. What is unreasonable is that our parents are controlling our identity. For me, this is not family-rearing or values formation but blatant undue influence worst, slavery.

The Filipino family now must understand that being gay does not offend the traditional machismo concept especially of the head of the family. Being gay is not a sign of weakness or a sign of failure. See for example, a political family suppressed the real identity of a member of their family because of fear that people will not vote them. This mindset must be overthrown because it has no basis both in law and in life.

A family as defined in our family code is the fundamental unit of the society. One of the functions of a family is to rear socially aware, educated and effective members of the society. There is no express prohibition or duty imposed in our families to rear a STRAIGHT MAN. This interpretation is bereft of merit and does not hold water. It must be dismissed outright for lack of compassion. The foundation of Filipino family is love and understanding, regardless of gender preference, family members should accept gay members and help them grow.

Coming out in the Philippines is very difficult. Every time, I hear confessions from friends, I can’t help myself but to weep. But weeping is the least thing we can do. They are humans too. They also have human rights. As what Hilary Clinton said “Like being a woman, like being a racial, religious, tribal, or ethnic minority, being LGBT does not make you less human. And that is why gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

We must constantly speak that homosexuality does not translate to immorality. Immorality is not based on gender; immorality is defined through acts not by gender preference.

Religion has no say to dictate our happiness and fate. Religious dogmas are mere guides to inform us that there is a higher being capable of loving us. If a specific religion campaigns against gays, one has no choice but to dismiss their claims. We believe in God, and our God is loving; discriminating is not a form of love.

We have a great work to do if we want to build a true gender-inclusive society. We must be courageous enough like a lion to advance what we think is right and just. The best thing we can do is to listen, to support and to accept them as who they are. It is incumbent upon us to uphold and protect their rights.

There is no other option than to helping these gays gain enough conviction to stand and say, I am who I am.

We should tell the likes of Paula that he is not alone.




We are nurses, we are not less.

Just in case the news skipped your notice Mr. President, thousands of our skilled Filipino nurses are now leaving the country not because they want to touch the snow in London, not because they want to visit Santorini in Greece, not because they want to date a handsome and hunky Caucasian or a rich Arab woman, but because our system forced them to do so.  Our callous disregard to their rights made them to believe that they are second-class healthcare workers. Verily, our nurses suffer the lowest possible indecency a country can inflict to its professional workers. And they have valid license from the Professional Regulation Commission. They are required to have an accumulated CPD units, but when our nurses require the same good treatment from this government, what do they get? — Nothing!

Again, I’m sorry to speak about this, but I can’t sleep seeing my fellow nurses suffer. I am not working in a hospital but my heart is still beating for my profession. My heart is still beating for the Nightingale in white, in blue and in scrubs. Allow me to speak for them.

I don’t blame you Mr. President that you are currently focusing on “War on Drugs”, but as a form of request, can we give equal attention to those who fight alongside with you inside the hospitals, the fences of communities, penal institutions and healthcare centers?

How can we possibly heal the country if our healers are wounded themselves?

How can we miraculously rehabilitate this archipelago if our nurses are now starting to fly abroad?

Currently, I’m envious about the attention you give to “Jeepney Modernization”. In my mind, “lucky are the jeepneys, for they will be modernized soon”, but pain are for our poor nurses who will still be living and working in areas where modernization is not part of the plan.

Make no mistake Mr. President, our nurses are still living with healthcare technology which placed themselves in the brick of danger.  These are competent and intelligent Filipinos who passed the board exams.  In fact, we cannot even provide them with  adequate soap and alcohol for their hand sanitation, N92 masks for personal protection, and heavens sake, we don’t pay them with dignity.

Before it’s too late Mr. President, I would like to invite your attention to this maladies enveloping our Filipino nurses. They deserve to experience the “change” that you promised during the election season. Or should I treat this as another form of fake news?



Official Statement of Mutya on the rejection of DSWD Secretary Taguiwalo

I am disheartened to hear the rejection of the nomination of Sec. Judy Taguiwalo of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. While the Commission on Appointments serves as one of the mechanisms of the legislature to check the appointments of the Executive branch, it miserably failed to appreciate its core mandate which is to ultimately serve the Filipino people especially those who have less in life, supposedly by accepting worthy and honest officials for this vital governmental post.

The rejection is a strong counter opposing message contrary to the universal platform of this present administration which is CHANGE.

The President is not to blame but the regressing political mindset enveloping our government.

The ultimate victims here are the poor and disadvantaged Filipinos who expect the best services from the government.


Mutya debunks government’s illogical anti-porn measures. 


The Philippine government’s move to ban porn sites in the country quoting Republic Act 9775 or the “Anti-Child Pornography Law” is illogical because not all porn sites contain child pornography.

The government’s overgeneralization and faulty understanding stem from the report that Filipinos spend the most time in watching pornographic materials in the internet.

I believe that the government has no business in banning pornographic materials from the internet, especially if such materials fall under  adult-content classification which requires stronger conditions to access.

Banning porn sites for the purpose of preventing exhibition of contents perpetuating child pornography is the weakest possible measure a government could introduce.

Instead, the government should have explored more realistic measures and controls like establishing a more sensitive search and filter engines that could prohibit minors from accessing porn sites, stronger and active surveillance schemes to report any child pornographic contents and most importantly, tougher penalties for violations committed under the Child Pornography Law.

While it is convenient to say that banning porn sites in the Philippines is the cure to end child pornography, yet this measure will end up in Pasig river because the proposed intervention is undemocratic, weak, illogical, and unpractical.

This measure only sugarcoat the government’s failure to curb the increasing rates of child prostitution in the Philippines.


Hotel Del Rio pleads guilty, Mutya extends forgiveness.

Emotionally traumatized Mutya on Wednesday received a call from the resident senior manager of Hotel Del Rio in Iloilo City after the former lambasted the well-acclaimed hotel because of its unbelievable incompetence that resulted to “breach of his privacy”.

The aggrieved blogger drafted a 5- page complaint urging authorities to investigate the serious mishap. In insurmountable disbelief after waves of social media pressure and criticisms, Hotel Del Rio contacted Mutya and promised to conduct an impartial investigation.

After 24 hours, the management of embattled Hotel Del Rio finally admitted that the petition filed by Mutya is meritorious to wit:

  • That Hotel del Rio failed to provide safe transport from Iloilo International Airport in Sta. Barbara to Hotel Del Rio.They contend that somebody informed them that there was changes in final flight schedule yet, they could not still wash their hands and feet from liabilities because it was their duty to validate the information.
  • The receptionist of Hotel Del Rio failed to exhibit acceptable demeanor fitting for a service provider of a three-star hotel.
  • The receptionist of Hotel Del Rio issued a wrong room type for Mutya and company. To be specific, she issued a matrimonial bed instead of a twin sharing and desperately argued that matrimonial bed could be divided into two. “How can you divide a mahogany bed?”
  • The receptionist of Hotel Del Rio issued an erroneous key card to a VIP guest that resulted to serious breach of privacy of another guest.

Despite the quantum of inconvenience resulted from gross negligence, Mutya respectfully withdrew his complaints after seeking guidance from humanitarian and religious principles of humanity.

He even prayed to the Senior Manager not to extinguish the involved receptionist, instead she should be subjected to a serious disciplinary procedure tantamount to her actions and must receive a refresher course on customer service if not, sent back to college.

Softened by the apology coming from a fellow Ilonggo, Mutya abandoned heartaches but reminded Hotel Del Rio about the possible implications of the bilious actuation.

He even emphasized that while he can forgive the horrible experience, he could not easily forget and that he is morally bound to protect future guests to suffer the same crucifixion. Thus, he urged guests to fight for their consumer rights all the time.

Finally, for Mutya, he accepts that he is only human and shall not overextend his power to judge the fate of any person. He leaves this decision to the higher being to ultimately decide.

Invoking Romans 12:17-21, “Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” thus Mutya accepts the apology of Hotel Del Rio Iloilo.

Furthermore, he rejected the offer of the hotel for a complementary stay.


Mutya mulls filing complaint vs. Hotel del Rio Iloilo

No amount of fancy accouterments will cover the anguish I personally experienced with Hotel del Rio. Their lowest of the low costumer service is an affliction that brings pain and itchiness to me. The “terrible” experience was an affront to the sweet culture of the city. I declare Hotel del Rio a miserable place even the ghost will feel aghast.


  • December 8, 2016, Mutya and company travelled for Iloilo via Philippine Airlines, flight PR 2141, with 8:15AM as time of departure and expected time of arrival at 9:30AM.
  • The same flight as stated above arrived Iloilo International Airport at 9:40AM.
  • Hotel del Rio as the contracted accommodation for Mutya and company FAILED to send its transport service.
  • Hotel del Rio is a well-acclaimed hotel in Iloilo City.
  • Mutya and company rented a van instead.
  • Upon arrival at the Hotel del Rio with address at MH Del Pilar St, Molo, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo, the receptionist FAILED to offer courtesy to Mutya and company.
  • The receptionist FAILED to identify Mutya, she issued a wrong reservation sheet.
  • The receptionist FAILED to acknowledge their INCOMPETENCE and implied that the failure of the transport service was the fault of the guest.
  • Hotel del Rio issued a different room type, instead of having two beds, they provided a matrimonial bed and insisted that it can be separated into half.
  • Hotel del Rio gave a key card to a different person assigned to a room of Mutya which led to the breach of privacy.

Hotel del Rio is UNRELIABLE.

The stubborn and arrogant receptionist argued that someone called her saying that Mutya and company will arrive 6AM instead of 9:30AM thus she sent the driver to the airport three hours before the expected time of arrival. Her argument was so inflammatory that it led to a loud altercation. Instead of extending an apology, the receptionist insisted that the we, costumers were wrong. Well, she erred.

Her antipodal alibi miserably failed because the stated time of arrival of the plane was 9:30AM and not 6AM and as a competent service provider, they should have called Mutya and company to confirm changes in flight schedule. It is clear that her reasoning was at the apogee of logic, it was beyond the reach of natural human experience.

It was evident that Hotel del Rio comfortably slept while Mutya and company suffered the pain of uncertainty. Hotel del Rio failed to validate the information which are vital to ensure the safety and convenience of their guests. Mutya was deeply disheartened by the apostasy of Hotel del Rio.

Hotel del Rio is unbecoming of an Ilonggo

Iloilo is known as the city of love but the receptionists failed to manifest the aura of a true Ilonggo; her face was appalling.

The receptionist including the guards failed to “smile” and say “good morning”—a standard in any hotel. They treated their guests as strangers. They failed to connect. Their arrogance was fuming from their very, very dark and seemingly atrophied cerebrum. It can be inferred that their brains lack oxygenation when they misidentified Mutya with another guest—a grave offense. Again, they failed to apologize.

Hotel del Rio is UNSAFE

Mutya was taking a bath when someone opened the door; it was a high ranking official whom Hotel Del Rio gave access to the room without permission. The guest saw Mutya naked. Upon investigation, Hotel Del Rio, mistakenly issued a wrong key card to the guest. It was unforgivable that warrants this bluster. Hotel del Rio breached my right to privacy.


Because of this, Mutya will file a serious complaint to the hotel accreditation agency of Hotel Del Rio and same copy will be furnished to the Department of Tourism and the Local Government of Iloilo City for their own review. Now that Iloilo is at the brink of progress, the city can’t afford to have such dishonourable service. The hotel doesn’t deserve to be at the heart of Iloilo City.


Mutya to Solons: Stop playing as Gods

To reimpose death penalty in the Philippines is futile. Death penalty is not an effective deterrent to crime. It only worsens the injustice felt by Filipinos.

Lawmakers should first consider fixing the criminal justice system in the country before moving to reimpose the capital punishment of death. It is worrisome how the lower house comfortably disregarded the present scenario where the poor are easily incarcerated compared to the rich and the powerful. The reason is simple, the poor can’t afford good lawyers, while the rich can afford a herd of (judges).

Justice can be denied in the Philippines either by cunningly slowing the wheels of the proceedings or by coercing through bribery or threat the supposed to be just and impartial “Lady Justice.” 

These lawmakers failed to fully comprehend the equation. They seemed to immediately jumped into conclusion that death penalty is the ultimate solution. They erred. 

In the desparate attempt of this administration to cleanse the society, while it is considered a sweet music to hear that the government is serious in eradicating crimes, it is frightening to notice the pattern of violent tendencies rooted from the frustration of the executive department. Yes, this is a terrible change. 

We understand them. Same as what the administration is trying to accomplish, we also want a just and safe society but I strongly enunciate my dissent to exercising again this ‘barbaric’ measure given how biased justice in our country, of course, with due all respect to the judicial branch of the government. 

What our country needs is a much rigid and stronger criminal justice system which will provide equal protection and due process of law to all Filipinos especially the disadvantaged.

The Congress must be realistic enough in setting the standards of the offenses punishable by death, because believe it or not, granting that the bill becomes a law, a quorum will be soon impossible to achieve because congressmen will be the first team in the death row. 

Death is not the solution, if not used properly, death penalty could become a weapon to divide the nation, cause havoc and uncertainty, silence the opposition for them to play as Gods and Goddesses.