The highest canon of being a Mutya unveiled.

We can work together despite our differences in religion. No religion can do the mission of building a healthier and better country alone. We need each other’s arms for us to move in one direction; because only in unity amidst diversity we can shape a stronger and inclusive future.



This is my first time in Cotabato City, at first, I was a bit anxious because of what I’ve read and heard from the news. Many heinous ideations scrambled inside my mind, corrupting the very essence of my existence which is to bring out the Mutya in every person.

I know that being afraid is unbecoming of a Mutya, this is in violation of one of the Mutya canons which states “Fear shuts all doors and destroys all bridges.”

Fear is the most powerful thing invented my our mind for this world, second is love, (both complicate things), fear is the only thing that can stop you from loving someone or something, you can’t love and fear at the same time. You need to choose.

I made a choice.

When I saw the optimistic faces of the youths earlier, there is no doubt that positive change is about to come. Behind the shadow of physical war is a movement that these youths would like to push forward. They want to help their communities. They want to build partnerships; they want to shape their own future as conceived by their innovative and passionate minds.

Conflicts plant fear and fear destroys the youth. The time we contribute or join fear is the time we fail our future citizenry. In order to dispel fear, we need to understand and listen to the core of the Earth. We need to open our minds, we need to change our old clothes and walk like an open book—willing to learn and to appreciate the unique themes from both sides, an this point, (both religions.)

When we entered the biggest mosque in the Philippines earlier, I learned that we have no clear and compelling reasons to create divisions. There is a wide common ground where people having different views and beliefs can work together for the attainment of a common aspiration.

The mosque taught us the highest canon of being a mutya, that is respect and courtesy before everything else.

When are we going to learn to open our eyes and to accept the differences that we have and then work in our commonalities?

Tears fell from my eyes, and it opened my vision to a new perspective.




Tatlo ang uri ng pagmamahal.

Tatlo ang espesyal na uri ng pag-ibig. Ang una, ay ang pag-ibig ng isang magulang sa anak, ito ay ang isa sa mga hindi matitibag na uri ng pagmamahal. Ang pangalawa naman ay ang pag-ibig na masaya dahil nag-iibigan kayo ng tunay, “true love” kung baga. Ang pangatlo ay ang pag-ibig na may forever—“sacrifice”.

Ito ang uri ng pag-ibig na walang hinihinging kapalit. Ito ang uri ng pag-ibig na kahit alam mo na masasaktan ka ay ipagpapatuloy mo pa din. Ito ang uri ng pag-ibig na kaya mong magpa-alipin sa taong mahal mo para masilayan man lang siya, dahil ang bawat atensyon niya ay parang pagkain na bumubusog sa iyong mga laman.

Nakilala ko si Janice. Mabait siya, sobra. Ngunit ang kabaitan niya ang nagdala sa kanya sa isang sitwasyon kung saan nakaya niyang lunukin ang pait ng isang pag-iibigan na alam niya naman na mauuwi sa wala.

Alam niya naman na walang pagtingin na espesyal sa kanya ang lalaki pero patuloy pa din ang kanyang walang habas na pagbuhos ng matamis na pagmamahal para sa lalaki. Umalis siya sa trabaho niya para sundan ang lalaki na nagpapatibok at nagpapasayaw sa kanyang kaluluwa. Ayon sa kanya, walang silbi ang trabaho kung wala ang lalaki na tinuturing niya na kapi sa umaga at gatas sa gabi.

Ngayong komplikado na ang lahat ay lumapit siya sa akin dahil sa pag-aakalang may maipapayo ako. Yun nga noong, una, gusto ko siyang sampalin dahil kailangan niyang magising sa kanyang pagkakahimlay mula sa libingan ng pagkahibang at walang patutunguhang pagmamahal. Gusto ko siyang sapakin sa tiyan para mailuwa niya ang ilusyon at delusyon.

Ngunit, mali ako. Nalaman ko na may isang uri pa pala ang pagmamahal.

Hindi kailangan na panalo ka dahil ang pagmamahal ay hindi isang paliksahan.

Hindi kailangang masaya ka palagi dahil ang pagmamahal ay hindi isang komedya.

Hindi kailangang may happy ending dahil ang pagmamahal ay hindi isang pantaserye.

Kay Janice ko nalaman na kaya pala ng tao na magmahal kahit walang kapalit, kahit one-sided lang, kahit na alam mo na hindi mo siya makukuha kahit kailan man. Sabi pa nga ni Janice habang kumakain kami ng siomai sa Boni, habang nginunguya niya ang garlic chilli sauce,

“ngayon sa pisikal na mundo pwedeng hindi maging kami, dahil may mahal siyang iba, pero, malay natin sa kabilang buhay, matutunan niya akong mahalin.”

May kilala ka din bang kagaya ni Janice?


The “Reid effect” at its best.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I became a fan since 2010 when he first appeared in PBB Teen Clash.  I am not fond of chasing celebrities except when it is James Reid.

He is one-of-a-kind, an irreplaceable atom,  who has a unique identical quantum mechanical state. He has this form of energy that can brew inspiration into meaningful actions. The bottom line is, he can place you into motion.

I call this as the “James Reid effect.

For almost 6 years, I communicated with him through my quantum universe (an alternate universe that only I can comprehend and experience).

This universe is safer compared to the universe we were born to live; there, I can manipulate things and thoughts freely without entailing cost and judgement of anyone. There, I got to see persons such as James who helped shape my judgement and my demeanor when the time calls for it.

Giving you concrete examples:

When deadlines are approaching and when anxiety is escalating, I would result to searching for his picture from any source available and pin it on my desk, at the end of the day, I am always amazed on how these little, funny things and activities gave me the energy to “do good for myself and for others.”

In times of heated arguments and troubles, my relaxants are his songs.

When I am about to sleep, my last activity is always to watch his videos.

During difficult times, his sweet, distant smile is one of my motivations.

Yesterday, I got the chance to meet him and the encounter crystalized my positive evaluations of him.

No  existing word in our lifetime (even in the combined dictionary of Webster and Merriam) can describe that moment. Some symptoms include blurring of vision and chest tightness, others are already uncanny, you have to experience it yourself.

My favorite concept in chemistry is the “Pauli exclusion Principle” by Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli in 1925, he states that no two particle cannot occupy the same space. I see this applicable because no matter what, James will always occupy that quantum space in me, whatever the circumstances and the conditions will be.

Experience the “James Effect” today.



Sen.Villar files bill prohibiting public funds use for feeding program less than 120 days

Senate Bill 1114 or otherwise known as an act providing for a comprehensive malnutrition program and appropriating funds thereof was filed by Senator Cynthia Villar.

The bill seeks for the creation of a more comprehensive program that will address the malnutrition status of the country.

The unique bill also will transfer the function of the National Nutrition Council under the Office of the President. The same bill encourages partnerships with the NGO’s, training and capacity building in the barangay and also the acknowledgement of the role and contribution of women in policy making.

Moreover, the proposed measure also empowers the National Nutrition Council to design policies to address the malnutrition problems in the country.

At the core of the bill also is the creation of nutritional interventions for children and teenage and lactating mothers during disasters.



LRT/MRT slapdash security worrisome

Despite President Duterte’s declaration of “State of Lawlessness” after the bombing of the night market in Davao that killed 14 and injured over 60 individuals, still the security at LRT and MRT stations are seemingly in a relaxed mode.

Earlier, when I took an LRT ride in Boni station going to Shaw, I expected a more stringent security check knowing that Metro Manila is already in a heightened alert following attacks and bombing threats. More so, tons of information in social media were already circulating warning the public to be vigilant for possible suicide bombing attacks in public and overcrowded places.

The train station which is the major transport system in Metro Manila is an excellent target should terrorist decide to cause high number of casualties.

If we are going to learn from past train station attacks for example the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings were suicide bombings carried out by two women during the morning rush hour of March 29, 2010 where at least 40 people were killed, and over 100 injured. (Wikipedia)

Also, the 2004 Madrid train bombings on the morning of 11 March 2004 – three days before Spain’s general elections. The explosions killed 192 people and injured around 2,000. (Wikipedia)

These attacks should become the working precedent of our security measures, now that we are battling faceless enemies who want to spread misery and havoc in the country. A bombing in any of our train station in the country will surely paralyze most of the business districts not to mention the number of possible casualties.

The LRT and MRT management now should increase their security capabilities, plan and design emergency response protocols in times of emergency especially bombing. I hope that the transportation department now take the preventive stance rather than the old and usual post facto interventions.

Let’s elevate our measures by being more intelligent than our enemies. It is through with adequate preparation that we would be able to protect the general welfare and safety of the public.

Don’t wait for an attack to occur before acting on the threat. Now that change has come, it’s time also to change our approach. We cannot afford seeing a burning train, during rush hour with roads blocked by traffic and dead, charred, dismembered bodies on the street.


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Walang masungit na nurse kung walang CORRUPT.

During the budget hearing of the Department of Health an unsolicited and off scurrilous remark was raised placing into contempt the hardworking healthcare professionals, specifically nurses in public hospitals. The statement has no basis, tainting the caring image of the nurses.

The spirit of nursing is caring. It is in the nature of every nurse to be understanding and to be patient to everyone who is committed to her/his care. In fact, it is enshrined in the nursing curriculum to inculcate the science and art of caring in every nursing student. You can’t graduate and pass the nursing board exam without these prerequisites.

Like other professionals, nurses are also human being. Nurses are not saints or demi-gods. Their natural sparks and healing hands have limitations and expiration especially if abused. A hungry and ill-paid nurse have all the right to become grumpy, it is within the ambit of rational behavior of a human being.

Being peevish  if you are abused is normal and acceptable compared to being corrupt– siphoning the money of the country for his or her own self-interest aside from doing nothing but sitting in a chair waiting for the next election to happen– a satanic act, worthy of lethal injection.

The statement overgeneralizing nurses is but an uncanny statement, an attempt to weaken the movement of nurses towards equitable and more humane working condition in the country.

With due all respect, without implication of malice, I believe that there are more corrupt politicians compared to impatient nurses. If we are going to study the scenario, nurses sometimes become irritated because of the ineffectiveness of the government to fix the healthcare system. The lean and beggarly annual allocated budget of the government and the corruption inter alia, are the main reasons why the healthcare delivery is most of the time not ideal. Expecting for 100% of the nurses smiling all the time is stupidity.

The proposed signages in hospitals are not necessary because nurses understand the precepts of their profession. It will only entail additional costs for the health department. It would be wiser if the budget for these signages be utilized in improving the welfare of these poor nurses; a simple water dispenser or a 1 peso increase in their salary will be greatly appreciated.

If not, nurses also should place some tarpaulins in the front of every public hospitals saying:

“Walang masungit kung walang corrupt.”

“Hustisya para sa mga nurse.”

How about that?

I think it would be fair.



PNA too irrelevant, mediocre- nurses say

Philippine Nurses Association is currently under fire from nurses who are expecting for more meaningful content postings in the organization’s social media accounts.

A concerned group named “Nurses for change” asked the highest governing body of professional nurses to post relevant issues such as nurses’ rights instead of advertising for seminars or training.


In addition, netizens joined the sentiment of the group, some blatantly described PNA as a mediocre organization.

With what is happening concerning the nursing profession in the Philippines, it is clear as day that nurses are starting to get dissatisfied from the governing body.

Enshrined in the purpose of the PNA is “To promote professional growth towards the attainment of highest standards of nursing.”

However, this does not sit well with the nurses who are expecting more from the organization. Some of the nurses even said that PNA is too distant and too insignificant to their professional growth given the fact that nurses (both the old and the new) pay for their registration fee, once every year.