Why people use the word charot, char, chos

A handful of my friends frequently use the words charot, char, or chos in conversations. These words are becoming part of daily narratives. Thus, I took the initiative to conduct a short survey on why people use these new monosyllabic words.

I reviewed some of the literatures available in the internet. They suggest that Charot is a “gay lingo” which means “just kidding”.

But my survey and experience do not speak otherwise.

First reason, Charot is used as an interjection after a statement of a fact.

Illustrative example: “I like you, charot!”

Applying the first principle, the speaker here is speaking the truth that he in fact and in truth, likes the receiver. Therefore, if you are the receiver, alam na!

Second reason, Charot acts as a defense mechanism against rejection.

Here’s the application:

Speaker 1: I like you, charot!

Receiver: Ha? Huwag naman ganyan.

Speaker 1: Charot lang! Hindi ka naman mabiro!

Can you imagine if the word ‘charot’ does not exists?

Third reason, ‘charot’ dilutes the seriousness of a conversation.

Illustrative example:

Speaker: This government is not doing its job. Charot!

Here, the speaker is serious in his observation or opinion but the occasion calls for a less formal type of speech.

Men invent language since time immemorial to communicate and to preserve their culture.

Today, men are still in constant effort in formulating new words or phrases to communicate something.

This “something” is nebulous and this is where miscommunication and confusion lies.

Inside our mind, we may have million of reasons why we use the words like charot, char, or chos in our daily lives, but I hope that one day, we may be able to enunciate our heart’s greatest desires, without fear of punishment, rejection or humiliation.

We need to have the courage! Charot! (Sorry, delete Charot!)

Take two: We need to be courageous!



Use of sky lanterns must stop

It is inhumane and irresponsible to light and send sky lanterns without knowing that every single piece of it has the potential to kill an innocent animal. These lanterns are more than stray bullets, these are like nuclear warheads that can wipe out hectares of forest, rice fields and or mangroves if done near a coastal area. While lighting a sky lantern is an exciting experience, its aftermath is lethal.

Once the debris of the sky lantern falls into the water for example, animals like sea turtles could mistakenly identify it as food. Once eaten, the remains of the sky lantern can block the digestive tract of the poor and soon to be extinct animal, leading to its untimely demise.

On a separate note, if the sky lantern falls into a dry forest, it will unleash a torrential fire that can burn anything within the area. Either way, sky lantern is dangerous and unforgiving regardless where the debris settles.

No amount of celebration can justify lighting a sky lantern. Knowing these two main points alone, a sane and responsible man will immediately dismiss his plans to light any lanterns because it is detrimental to the environment.

Soon as we light the lantern, let us remember the number of sea turtles, and any marine creatures with the same right to life like ours, whom we killed because we are unreasonably insensitive and arrogant.

Let us remember their noble sacrifice, because again, as human, we failed our posterity for believing that our happiness carries more weight than the lives of animals.


Greed, deception and blind adoration are more evil than Tarot

Tarot reading by itself is not EVIL especially if you are not conjuring Satan, any inferior demon or at the very least a dead person.

Tarot does not imply that God is not reliable or God is inferior. The art of Tarot reading does not prescribe any religion or belief system; it does not ask any offering, it only guides not coerce.

There is no evil in Tarot reading.

For me there are only three great evils in this physical world.

First is GREED—the feeling of wanting to have it all that results to corruption which is flagrant in any part of the world. It lures even in the most religious and most respected institutions. Clearly, this is more evil than playing Tarot.

Second is deliberately acting as a FALSE PROPHET. In the Holy Bible they are compared to ravenous wolves. They hide their true nature and intention under the cloak of “doing good”. Their inner personal motives direct their actions. They propagate false ideations, they play with words to hypnotize while their canines are hungry, ready to suck out the blood of the innocent. This is more evil than playing Tarot.

Lastly, BLIND ADORATION OF THE EVIL, assisting any evil to commit murder or any illegal act that contributes to the completion of its mission. It also means being too silent amidst all the evil happening around him.

“Tarot cards are not evil.  Forget everything you have heard about this unsubstantiated rubbish! At the end of the day, a Tarot card is just a card. A skilled Tarot reader will use the cards to assist them in a reading; to enlighten the recipient and provide them with guidance for the future in a myriad of ways. It is not possible to use these cards for evil purposes unless the reader has bad intentions and deliberately misguides the receiver of the reading.” – Psychicpower.com

My only intention when I started to study and read Tarot is to help people to believe that there is still goodness in this world, and hope can be achieved by doing good, no more, no less. I hope that people will remain sensitive and respectful to other person’s belief.

For me, religion should be based on actions and not on words.


The highest canon of being a Mutya unveiled.

We can work together despite our differences in religion. No religion can do the mission of building a healthier and better country alone. We need each other’s arms for us to move in one direction; because only in unity amidst diversity we can shape a stronger and inclusive future.



This is my first time in Cotabato City, at first, I was a bit anxious because of what I’ve read and heard from the news. Many heinous ideations scrambled inside my mind, corrupting the very essence of my existence which is to bring out the Mutya in every person.

I know that being afraid is unbecoming of a Mutya, this is in violation of one of the Mutya canons which states “Fear shuts all doors and destroys all bridges.”

Fear is the most powerful thing invented my our mind for this world, second is love, (both complicate things), fear is the only thing that can stop you from loving someone or something, you can’t love and fear at the same time. You need to choose.

I made a choice.

When I saw the optimistic faces of the youths earlier, there is no doubt that positive change is about to come. Behind the shadow of physical war is a movement that these youths would like to push forward. They want to help their communities. They want to build partnerships; they want to shape their own future as conceived by their innovative and passionate minds.

Conflicts plant fear and fear destroys the youth. The time we contribute or join fear is the time we fail our future citizenry. In order to dispel fear, we need to understand and listen to the core of the Earth. We need to open our minds, we need to change our old clothes and walk like an open book—willing to learn and to appreciate the unique themes from both sides, an this point, (both religions.)

When we entered the biggest mosque in the Philippines earlier, I learned that we have no clear and compelling reasons to create divisions. There is a wide common ground where people having different views and beliefs can work together for the attainment of a common aspiration.

The mosque taught us the highest canon of being a mutya, that is respect and courtesy before everything else.

When are we going to learn to open our eyes and to accept the differences that we have and then work in our commonalities?

Tears fell from my eyes, and it opened my vision to a new perspective.



Tatlo ang uri ng pagmamahal.

Tatlo ang espesyal na uri ng pag-ibig. Ang una, ay ang pag-ibig ng isang magulang sa anak, ito ay ang isa sa mga hindi matitibag na uri ng pagmamahal. Ang pangalawa naman ay ang pag-ibig na masaya dahil nag-iibigan kayo ng tunay, “true love” kung baga. Ang pangatlo ay ang pag-ibig na may forever—“sacrifice”.

Ito ang uri ng pag-ibig na walang hinihinging kapalit. Ito ang uri ng pag-ibig na kahit alam mo na masasaktan ka ay ipagpapatuloy mo pa din. Ito ang uri ng pag-ibig na kaya mong magpa-alipin sa taong mahal mo para masilayan man lang siya, dahil ang bawat atensyon niya ay parang pagkain na bumubusog sa iyong mga laman.

Nakilala ko si Janice. Mabait siya, sobra. Ngunit ang kabaitan niya ang nagdala sa kanya sa isang sitwasyon kung saan nakaya niyang lunukin ang pait ng isang pag-iibigan na alam niya naman na mauuwi sa wala.

Alam niya naman na walang pagtingin na espesyal sa kanya ang lalaki pero patuloy pa din ang kanyang walang habas na pagbuhos ng matamis na pagmamahal para sa lalaki. Umalis siya sa trabaho niya para sundan ang lalaki na nagpapatibok at nagpapasayaw sa kanyang kaluluwa. Ayon sa kanya, walang silbi ang trabaho kung wala ang lalaki na tinuturing niya na kapi sa umaga at gatas sa gabi.

Ngayong komplikado na ang lahat ay lumapit siya sa akin dahil sa pag-aakalang may maipapayo ako. Yun nga noong, una, gusto ko siyang sampalin dahil kailangan niyang magising sa kanyang pagkakahimlay mula sa libingan ng pagkahibang at walang patutunguhang pagmamahal. Gusto ko siyang sapakin sa tiyan para mailuwa niya ang ilusyon at delusyon.

Ngunit, mali ako. Nalaman ko na may isang uri pa pala ang pagmamahal.

Hindi kailangan na panalo ka dahil ang pagmamahal ay hindi isang paliksahan.

Hindi kailangang masaya ka palagi dahil ang pagmamahal ay hindi isang komedya.

Hindi kailangang may happy ending dahil ang pagmamahal ay hindi isang pantaserye.

Kay Janice ko nalaman na kaya pala ng tao na magmahal kahit walang kapalit, kahit one-sided lang, kahit na alam mo na hindi mo siya makukuha kahit kailan man. Sabi pa nga ni Janice habang kumakain kami ng siomai sa Boni, habang nginunguya niya ang garlic chilli sauce,

“ngayon sa pisikal na mundo pwedeng hindi maging kami, dahil may mahal siyang iba, pero, malay natin sa kabilang buhay, matutunan niya akong mahalin.”

May kilala ka din bang kagaya ni Janice?


LRT/MRT slapdash security worrisome

Despite President Duterte’s declaration of “State of Lawlessness” after the bombing of the night market in Davao that killed 14 and injured over 60 individuals, still the security at LRT and MRT stations are seemingly in a relaxed mode.

Earlier, when I took an LRT ride in Boni station going to Shaw, I expected a more stringent security check knowing that Metro Manila is already in a heightened alert following attacks and bombing threats. More so, tons of information in social media were already circulating warning the public to be vigilant for possible suicide bombing attacks in public and overcrowded places.

The train station which is the major transport system in Metro Manila is an excellent target should terrorist decide to cause high number of casualties.

If we are going to learn from past train station attacks for example the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings were suicide bombings carried out by two women during the morning rush hour of March 29, 2010 where at least 40 people were killed, and over 100 injured. (Wikipedia)

Also, the 2004 Madrid train bombings on the morning of 11 March 2004 – three days before Spain’s general elections. The explosions killed 192 people and injured around 2,000. (Wikipedia)

These attacks should become the working precedent of our security measures, now that we are battling faceless enemies who want to spread misery and havoc in the country. A bombing in any of our train station in the country will surely paralyze most of the business districts not to mention the number of possible casualties.

The LRT and MRT management now should increase their security capabilities, plan and design emergency response protocols in times of emergency especially bombing. I hope that the transportation department now take the preventive stance rather than the old and usual post facto interventions.

Let’s elevate our measures by being more intelligent than our enemies. It is through with adequate preparation that we would be able to protect the general welfare and safety of the public.

Don’t wait for an attack to occur before acting on the threat. Now that change has come, it’s time also to change our approach. We cannot afford seeing a burning train, during rush hour with roads blocked by traffic and dead, charred, dismembered bodies on the street.


Photo credit: http://blog.vroomvroomvroom.com/

Where is the Mang Inasal I once loved?

Mang Inasal started from Iloilo and I was blessed to experience its love, passion for excellence and unique style in serving signature Filipino food favorites. I am an eye and tongue witness on how they won the hearts of the masses which caused their rapid expansion to 450 stores nationwide.

Tito, (who is now in heaven) always chooses Mang Inasal as the venue for our celebration. His reason–the store is inclusive and has the heart and the hands of a genuine Filipino.

I believed in him.

Actually, the Mang Inasal chicken in Iloilo was the best Inasal I ever tasted my whole life.

However, sad to say that the Mang Inasal that I knew and I loved back when I was in college is very far from what I am encountering today.

The classic soup is already part of history.

I already tested at least three Mang Inasal branches in Manila and all of them failed to serve the signature soup. For them, it is only soup but for me, it represents the warmth of the funny and inspiring conversations with Tito, which I am longing for.

In order to have a drop of chicken oil, you need to steal from the nearby table yourself.

For you to have the sauce, you need to ask five times from the attendants.

For you to have the tissue, you need to stand up and get it from the counter.

Water is already self-service. I tell you, when it started in Iloilo, giving water to patrons was part of the protocol.

Where is the excellent customer service?

This is heart-rending, as someone who eats in Mang Inasal to reminisce the happy memories with my Tito.

Mang Inasal is a place where I can be happy and smile when my heart and head are heavy.

Mang Inasal positioned as a place where I can talk to Tito, where I can see him again, eating the chicken and the halo-halo while grinning.

Tears fell from my eyes as I repeatedly witnessed in many occasions how Mang Inasal deviates from its real purpose. The vision of its creator, whom I looked up to, is starting to shatter.

All I know is that, Mang Inasal ang Tito died a year ago.

Lastly, to the management of Mang Inasal, if you have love and compassion remaining for your customers, kindly uplift your standards once again. Please review the qualifications of your managers and crew. Please deliver the promised excellent experience, and most importantly, please respect the history of Mang Inasal.