It’s time for PH bloggers to unite.

A tremendous power lies within the keyboard of Filipino bloggers if only they will accept each others arms and form the Philippine Blogging Federation-a legit and legally binding alliance that will strengthen the blogging force in the country.

Blogging is an art; it is also a political and social weapon–depending on the bloggers purpose. It has the power to create and destroy negative beliefs, traditions and notions, even a single blog can change the status quo of a certain department or institution if designed and supported accordingly. Like the mainstream media, blogs carry information that affect and influence the lives of the reading public. Each blogger can affect hundreds to thousands and millions of minds in one reading.

In order to encourage blogging in the country, in order to gain that significant image; bloggers should orchestrate a unified voice to deliver what the country wants.

Bloggers are sensitive , private and highly intellectual personas, it could be anyone, from your friend to your seatmate in crowded MRT and jeepneys. The state should identify this bloggers and provide them the care and attention, just the same as the privilege given to the popular media.

To blog is to share your thoughts, and if we share our thoughts collectively, imagine the impact that we can create. We can help advance agenda of the government, we can protect the rights of the public, and we can educate and inspire our people.

Now is the right time to unite, since change is really coming.



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Let’s watch “Marikit na”!

An original Pinoy rock musical for kids and kid at heart will be showing in Marikina starting August 28, 2016. The play musical is entitled “Marikit na”.

It is a show created by a Marikeño for Marikeños along with our kabayan performers such as  Vincent Soliven of Lahing Kayumangi Artistic Director and Jomelle Era of UP Filipiniana Dance Group with the goal of educating the youth of Marikina about our humble beginnings, our myths and history in readying us a brighter tomorrow.

The main targets of the musical play are students in grades 4-12. However, the play will surely be enjoyed also by the entire family. Original composition from rising local Marikina band Tiemponado will surely send you home singing. Other than spending your family time in a movie house or malls, why not support the local arts industry? This is not only entertaining but more importantly educational. The play aims to educate children regarding the history and origin of Marikina and appreciate its values and beliefs that include: Discipline, Good Taste, and Excellence, in a fun and entertaining way.

This is through the efforts of IKARUS THEATRE COLLABORATIVE is a performance production house based in Marikina spearheaded by Carlos Palanca Memorial Awardee for script writing and ALIW award-winning director Jay Crisostomo IV. The total estimated running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The following are the schedules:

August 28 – Preview Night

September 9, 10, 16, 17 – 7 PM Shows

September 10 &18 – 3PM Shows

Please contact Shine at 0920.958.4371or email at if you’re interested for tickets and reservations.

See you there!



Sen. Hontiveros, help us uplift nursing profession.

The nursing profession in the Philippines is dying, when nurses die, hospitals and the whole healthcare system will follow.

Please include the welfare of nurses to your health agenda madam Senator. We believe that you are the right person to improve the worsening working conditions of our humble heroes in the hospitals and communities. Now, I am not asking for an increase in salary, but an increase in the dignity of our work is more valuable.

The current efforts of the Department of Health to increase the hazard pay of healthcare professionals is a good start, however, we need legislation support to update the now obsolete and not applicable nursing law. We need genuine and hardworking champions in the Senate. We need health advocates like you.

For now, we will be waiting here at the sidelines, waiting for your cue, if when to act and rally for measures to uplift our profession from the ground.

Healthy Pinoy, Healthy Pinas!



Mutya applauds Sen. Hontiveros for filing Anti-Discrimination Bill.

The LGBT community has a fighter in the Senate. 

Newbie senator Risa Hontiveros filed the anti-discrimination bill yesterday in the Senate, a bold step to protect LGBT welfare in the country. 

As an LGBT advocate, I am happy and hopeful that this bill, despite not the priority of this administration, will hopefully soon becomes a law. It is needed, especially now that rampant hate crimes concerning our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community are happening all around the world. 

I believe that gender and sexuality education should also be included as one of the measures. It is through education that we can deter this discriminatory practices. 

Thank you so much Sen. Risa for making the first step. We are at your back. 


Mutya cries for protection of Pasig City commuters.

For almost a year now, I am a miserable witness on how traffic especially in Pasig Mega Market area destroyed the morality and decency of the riding public.

My stay is nearing 365 days but I never had the chance to experience near comfort in this area. I am thankful though that Pasig taught me various lessons. The most valuable is the virtue of patience. Nevertheless, I fully understand and I already accepted the dogma that to suffer the heavy traffic in Manila is inevitable and it is a normal part of life. Despite the distress call from commuters, government failed to address this effectively.
But today, traffic will not prevent me from expressing my disgust. Traffic will not prevent me from spewing fire. I would like to extend my deepest concern to the Local Government of Pasig City.

Every morning, despite the presence of traffic enforcers near Pasig Mega Market, and the presence of our good policemen, still, a disorganized, inefficient and oppressive system is still on the run–untouched and unfazed. What will it take to gain your small time and attention?

Again, heavy traffic– yes. I can accept that, but not putting up a system or a simple queuing system for commuters that reinforces order and encourages fair treatment and discipline with due consideration to the elderly, persons with disabilities and pregnant women is not acceptable. It makes me to think, what are these men created or hired for?

Traffic enforcers are called to duty to enforce traffic rules and regulations. People will surely follow if we have the political will from our leaders and initiates from our enforcers. But it seems that in Pasig, some of the enforcers are acting like mere light post—standing, doing nothing.

To Mayor Bobby Eusebio, sir, I know that you are an excellent public servant. I am impressed on how you maintained the progress of Pasig City, but please give attention to the traffic condition in Pasig Mega Market. We are not asking you to build bridges, we are not asking you to widen the road. A simple reinforcement of order is enough.

We cannot improve the actual speed of the vehicles but we can improve our humanity. Traffic should not demoralize us. Traffic is not an excuse to forget our good morals.

Now that the President already ordered for improvement in the efficiency of public service that includes transportation, I am expecting some positive changes. I know how difficult it is to commute everyday, especially from Pasig.

I can afford to hurdle the early morning obstacle run and jump, because I am still young and strong, but can we cannot afford seeing our grandparents having dislocated hips because the jeepney started to accelerate despite the weak foot of the old woman is still on the ground,  or can we afford seeing a pregnant women having bleeding because her trembling hands accidentally slips off from the handle of the jeepney causing her painful drop?

This events will  happen if we continue the culture of insensitivity and lack of common sense. Simple things nowadays are not that simple and easy to recognize and implement.

I hope that change is really coming in Pasig.



You inspired us to become selfless and nationalistic again.

Dear President Duterte,

First of all, I would like to thank God for helping you become the President of the Philippines. Sorry, but “wala ta ikaw gin boto”, it was because I am a staunch supporter of Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. Back then, I was wary of your style and your personality.  I was afraid that you might become a monster but hearing your first State of the Nation Address; I must admit, I was wrong to judge you.

Mr. President, (I know you issued your first Executive Order not to address you Honorable or His Excellency), I must abide therefore. Thank you for giving us HOPE to believe in our government. I personally, since the time I understood the filthiness and tardiness of the government, I then lose my respect and high regards.

I see politicians as mere objects of corruption—stealing money from the people’s coffers. It is because of you that I begin to see the new bright image of a true and passionate statesman. You help us appreciate the positive side of being a public servant shattering the belief that good deeds are merely the silhouette of politicians in order to hide their dark and mischievous agenda.

Today, you resuscitated my belief that good men can still win and prevail.

My tears are flowing because your words are so reflective of truth and practicality. You possess the compassion and the common sense that even you expressed care for the accessibility of the MRT tickets and the expiration of Philippine passports. You knew the symphony and the meaning of the cries of the poor and suffering Filipinos.

At last we have a president who listens, cares and has the balls to say what is right though, it will be excruciating to the skin of the hypocrites in Barong and Filipiniana.

I admire your courage Mr President in your dream to effect long lasting peace in the Philippines. Your dedication to fulfill your promise to make this country a safer place to live in, through raging war against crime and illegal drugs up to the point of risking your life is a form of heroism. You inspired us to become selfless and nationalistic; an attribute that we young Filipinos fail to internalize.

As much as I want to hug you, but it’s impossible for now, I want to extend my deepest respect and gratitude for making us alive again. For making us feel that we are Filipinos and we have the significant roles in this society. You quench our thirst for an honest and real government of the people.

I know that you will have a long, treacherous path to take, but don’t get tired or think that you are alone. I, Mutya, promise to support you in your undertakings and battles for the best interest of this good and blessed nation.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ka President. Duterte!

Mutya to police: Don’t abuse your power.

I want to start this manifestation with a quote from our national hero Apolinario Mabini.

“A nation will perish because not of evil men but of good men who just watch and do nothing.”

My dear countrymen, my beloved #KaMutya, the widespread extrajudicial killings that are happening in our country should be carefully scrutinized.

I applaud the efforts of our President to fight illegal drugs in all levels, with the vision to make this country a safer place to live in. Kudos to that.

It is necessary to kill, I presume, in fact, it is legal especially if the person fights back or threatens the life of the innocent.

However, killing “alleged and suspected” persons is not right not to say inhumane!

Every person, regardless of race, gender and position in society should be given equal opportunity to be heard and be given unbiased protection under the rule of law. If we kill a suspected person, we lose the chance to learn from them; especially the why and how, that could lead us to more answers that eventually could improve our actions.

To kill is easy; it doesn’t involve any critical thinking. It is an animal instinct that reduces our existence. When we kill a person, we also lose the chance to love them, —the very root of our problems in the Philippines. Use and propagation of illegal drugs in the country is only one of the many manifestations of social inequalities and inequities that exist in our own neighborhood.

Killing will only temporarily solve the problem—-a Band-Aid solution that will repeat every day at greater proportions until we become animals in our own lands.

It is ironic and hypocritical that we give due process to suspected plunderers in the country who kills the dreams of the Filipino people. Government thieves are just like drug addicts and pushers; they destroy the very essence of life, if they are the same, why are we not killing them at gun point? These corrupt government officials are also murderers of society, affecting families and children. Why are we not shooting them on the head? We find pride and honor to acquit criminals because of lack of evidence. If we will apply the same principle to past president Arroyo, for example, then we must be mourning now on her death, but thanks to the rule of law.

Good for Mrs. Arroyo, but how about the alleged drug pushers and addicts?

As Filipino people, we should start being vigilant. I am not asking the President or the police force to stop what they are doing, what I am asking is to treat their people like their own families.

Everyone are victims of this and we are one on the call to liquidate the culprits,  those who are rich, the able, those who wear shoes, those who are sleeping in air-conditioned rooms. We must show a little ounce of compassion to our fellow men who are at the wrong side of the road. We must give them the last option before we pull the mighty trigger that will send them to their graves. We must uphold the law, we must respect life.

My dear KaMutya, it is our duty to report police activities that violate the rights of our fellowmen. By doing this, we give justice to the words of Apolinario Mabini, we have the mechanism in our hands to create change, and we should help the President in his campaign.  We must do this in a clean and morally upright way.

Killing kills the Mutya in every person.  We should prevent this whenever necessary.


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