Mutya seeks for termination of NAIA 3 officer

The application of any rules and regulations should be unbiased especially when it concerns safety. In our airports, officers are tasked to check the contents of the luggage of every passenger to prevent any belligerent acts while in flight.  However, these rules are deemed useless if the assigned personas have preconceived bias, thus they are unable to render fair measures in line of their duty—a detrimental trait in any facility such as of an airport.

Last November 28, 2016, 1PM, (the Manila International Airport Authority can review all their CCTV), I have to catch a 2PM flight to Cagayan de Oro. Following all the protocols, I submitted myself to the last inspection. However, it was in fact, a fiasco to humiliate me.

The lady, wilfully, capriciously, with ill-will and personal malice commanded me to remove my laptops inside my bag. I have two laptops in a two separate bags that time.  She even raised her voice and she said and I quote “Gamitan mo yan ng tray!”, I replied, “You don’t have any tray at all, then I raised my eyebrows.”

I don’t mind undergoing all the necessary security checks but during that time , only I suffered such inhumane and abusive procedure. I was contemplating, how did she decided to choose me, am I too foreign to her? Did I insulted her perception?, But one thing for sure, I was more human than her. I was more caring, I was more passionate. But my forgiveness has limitations.

The Manila International Airport Authority should raise their standards. Excellent service starts in every security checkpoints. I have experienced admirable conduct in some airports but this one should not go unnoticed.

The lady in NAIA violated all the canons of good conduct for a government official.

If X-Ray machine can only scan bad character, I’m sure the machine will keep on beeping and beeping all day, showing her bilious mind.

I am praying to the Metro Manila International Airport to dismiss this lady. I have her name, and I will send a formal letter of complaint to your office.

The rules must be applied to all and not to selected few. She overstepped, she exercised grave abuse of discretion. She must be punished.




Mutya spewed fire over Marcos burial, gets tattoo


If there is one person to blame to what is happening today in our country, it is President Rodrigo Duterte, the person whom we elected because of his compassion, excellent performance and strong political will. However, in less than a year since his election, our country faced so much division that can potentially lead to civil unrest. His insensitivity and crooked judgement is killing every Filipino and the country and the next generation still unborn.

I went to EDSA to join the protest against the burial of the late dictator Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I could not believe how they insulted and rubbed salt to the wounds of the victims of the dreaded Martial law regime.  Until today, many innocent people are still searching for their love ones, asking for justice and reparation but what this government did was to open again the wounds of the poor victims. This matter I believe is not about political colors, this is about history. And as President, Mr. Duterte and his cohorts distorted our history, by acquitting Marcos from his monstrous deeds during the past.

It is shameful and I feel nauseous upon thinking the now sour promise of President Duterte which is to heal the divide between the Filipino people. His close political affinity and sweet accommodation with the Marcoses betrayed the public trust. He failed to listen; he is not acting as the President of the Philippines. He is now the number one apologist of the Marcoses abetting and cleansing the dark deeds of the human rights abuser. Thus, compassion remained a promise and now starting to turn into a lie, because believe it or not, burying the plunderer Marcos in the Libingan does not involve any compassion at all.

As a sign of my defiance, I submitted myself to a tattoo artist for a dragonfly. According to my reading the dragonfly symbolizes real change and transformation. This is already a change of heart and a change of perspective, a form of personal disgust to the present government who failed me.

From now on, I encourage everyone to be vigilant and be cautious because evil is here in our country, and now they are in their plain accouterments, masquerading themselves as trusted public servants.


Potato Corner Rockwell branch serves frustration

A concerned “potato lover” on Thursday voiced out her frustrations rooted from the unacceptable service of Potato Corner Branch in Rockwell.

According to the concerned citizen, the branch in Rockwell destroyed the brand values of Potato Corner as a whole. She also pointed out that only three flavours were available– and this is a blatant and painful violation in expense of the comfort of its patrons.

The mission of Potato Corner is to provide the best potato fries for its customers but the reality in Rockwell is clearly out of proportion, a big disappointment and a gross negligence in protecting the good brand.

Now, we call on the Potato Corner general manager to suspend, at the very least to admonish the branch in Rockwell. They should know that the potato they are frying is the extension of the soul of those who love the product, and any smear or disrespect to the integrity of the fried potatoes will be dealt with cataclysm.


Charibel to exit PH, WAYA releases letter

Dear Chaw,

Your decision to work in Germany is very painful for us. Actually, we had a caucus to issue a temporary restraining order, to prevent you from going outside the Philippines. However, we knew deep inside that our petition will only serve our self-interest. It is very difficult not seeing you Chaw in Iloilo. It is very difficult to ask for the exact location of any establishment because the whole city knows that you are the master of all landscapes here, you are the living Google map. It is very difficult now Chaw to canvass for the cheapest t-shirt in town. It is very difficult now Chaw, because in times of severe food scarcity, we don’t have any house to raid – your house became our house as well.

For the past 7 years, you showed to us that you are precious and irreplaceable. Your tenacity is worthy of inspiration and emulation. You safeguarded our organization from external and internal conflicts; you were an excellent diplomat, negotiator, lawyer and joker. We will be always grateful for that Chaw.

Now that you are flying for Germany, we wish you all the best; continue spreading the WAYA ideology wherever you are. We will miss you Chawy and we love you.

God bless you!




Dolduco, Dicto, De la Pena, Alarcon, Ela, Gazo, Edis

“Miscarriage of justice”, MutyaPH cries

MutyaPH was deeply saddened after the Supreme Court has favored the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos into the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The Filipino blogger who campaigned since Day 1 of the oral arguments, find the decision—a miscarriage of justice.

According to MutyaPH, the High Court erred when it decided based solely on technicalities because as what the court had said during its past pronouncements, “the  rules must not be applied rigidly so as not to override substantial justice.”

The decision of the SC further caused the reopening of the deeply incised wounds of the victims of Martial Law. It is careless and insensitive for us to simply say, “Move on”.

“It is not easy to heal especially when you were raped, tortured and butchered.”, the blogger said.

Today, SC proved to us again that they less value morality and history.

“I dissent!”, she shouted.


Seek for the kernel of truth, Mutya defends Jadine scene

Our moral compass is once again challenged after “Till I meet you” aired an intimate scene involving a famous love team. Two separate schools of thought have clashed leading to a national maelstrom. The question at hand is, was the episode unfit to be shown in television?

Despite the amount of pressure given to accentuate the issue, still I stand with my conviction; strong and firm that the episode did not abased any Filipino value.  The arguments raised by the conservatives are not enough to sway the scales of Mutya in their favor.

The controversial TV show has the truth as argument at their side. And the truth is sometimes difficult to swallow. We are upset because the show distraught our common belief. We believe that sex before marriage is an abomination and one should respect the sanctity of it. However, what is happening today is contrary to our belief, and what we had just seen in the episode was the truth.  As an artist, one needs to portray the truth, no matter how inconvenient it could be. Painstakingly, our perpetual silence is worse than the episode.

Let me illustrate to you what had transpired in that controversial scene. It was only a perfect miniature of what is, in fact, happening in the rest of the country.

Based on a study, one in every three youth aged 15 to 24 years old has engaged in premarital sex, the number is increasing by more than 14 per cent from almost 20 years ago. This translates to about 6.2 million youth who have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. (Cebu Daily News)

Again our perpetual silence is worse than the episode.

Because of this forced blindness and close-mindedness, the “UN Population Fund says the Philippines is the only country in the Asia-Pacific region where the rate of teen pregnancies rose over the last two decades”. (Philippine Star).

Again our perpetual silence is worse than the episode.

To say that the controversial episode abets the youth to engage into sex is confounding, since various teleserye nowadays portray the same theme, some are even more vulgar. The opposite side failed to contextualize the message; they missed to incorporate the barest essential of the existing truth affecting the youth.

When we see intimate scenes like this, the tendency is to close our eyes. Some hide in their pillows and criticize the subject. Sex is universal, it is an aboriginal, innate drive and Filipinos are not exempted to have sex.

We can’t stop the youth to have sexual intercourse by asking the MTRCB to censor these types of television shows, because by censorship we tend to inflict certain morals we believe to be more upright.  We don’t prescribe what is right and wrong—that is wrong, instead we teach people how to think and let them decide.

The popular scene opens new dimensions where we can learn from abound of insights. Nothing will happen if we continue to cry foul while we secretly and off-screen perform the actual scene in the dark. We say no to premarital sex, while we do it after class and after work.

Nothing will happen if we accede to our prejudices and flawed realizations. At this point in time, I urge everyone to open ourselves to conversations. The next time same scene appears in TV, open your eyes, ears, mind, and seek for the kernel of truth and from there, you will appreciate its message.


A ‘rare’ man with a ‘big’ dream.

It was a conversation which led me into realization that good men still do exist. It was a conversation which I wanted you to personally experience. It was more than love. It was deeper and more meaningful. It tickled my humanity. It suppressed my urges, obliterated my prejudices and absorbed my biases.

His name is Warren Flores. He started the conversation by saying; “I’ve known love at the worst of times. I’ve known love at most painful experience.” I looked at him in the eye.

He continued: “What I’m going to share to you is about my love story. It’s a story of how I came to love and why I remained in love.”

“It started when we visited a public school at a remote area of Carcar City, Cebu. Doon kami unang nagkatagpo. Doon namin nakilala ang isa’t isa.”

“The school lacked access to water, and the students had very poor hygiene practices. The students were known to openly defecate, nagtatae lang sa labas (sa damuhan). And they suffered from skin-related diseases and diarrheal infection.”

“And it’s disturbing to know that such miserable things were experienced by these children when in fact sa edad nila dapat nag-aaral lang sila at naglalaro. And what’s worse is that this pain is not just a pain of the children of our community but this pain is shared by thousands of children across the Philippines. Ang daming batang naghihirap sa bansa.”

I questioned myself, “I thought he was going to propose to me.” Anyways, I continued listening to his story.

And with the many visits we had in the community, I knew her even more. I fall deeper, even with the darkest and most painful experiences she had, taught me to love her. I knew I’m in love because of pain. And you will know you’re in love when you desire everything to make her happy.

I asked him. “So Warren, how will you know that you love someone?”

“Yung parati mo syang naiisip. Yung hindi ka mapakali. Yung gusto mong palaging nasa tabi nya. Yung sabihin mo sa sarili mo na gagawin ko ang lahat maging maayos ka lang, maging masaya ka lang.”, he answered.

He continued. He hugged me while whispering the following words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs.

“So I and my friends formed a team and we joined Ideas Positive Run 4 last 2013 to help the community, and pitched our idea of putting up a conventional water system. But it was so unsustainable and costly. It was a big failure. We didn’t make it.”

“Things didn’t work out between us. So we left the community. And I broke up with her. I guess it was the right love but just at the wrong time. Ang sakit ng mga nangyari sa amin. At pilit ko na syang kinalimutan.”

Ako’y napatanong noon, tama pa bang manatili kami sa isa’t-isa? Who am I to love her?

“Who are we to help the community? Ano ba ang magagawa namin para sa kanila eh studyante lang kami? Sino ka ba? Kahit nga assignments mo ay hirap na hirap mo ng tapusin, pati nga mga exams mo ay hirap na hirap mong maipasa. Bata ka pa! Oo nga. Bata pa ako. Bata pa kami.”

I hugged him back. He continued speaking.

“Pero marami kaming magagawa eh. Bata ka pa! Bata pa kayo! Pero ang dami mong kayang gawin! So we joined again Ideas Positive in its 5th run, last year. We made it and got our funding. And here’s what we did to make our relationship work out.”

Warren told me that they constructed water storage and a rain catchment tank using PET Bottles. It was made of about 2000 bottles. And what made it different and better, was that it is cheaper than conventional tanks – like steel or cement tanks. It is more durable. It can even withstand a 7.2 magnitude earthquake since it’s not brittle like that of cement. They also taught the students about hygiene and sanitation through playing, which is more creative and interactive than the usual classroom discussion. And they conducted medical missions and health talks to address the skin-related diseases and diarrheal infections of the students.

I was impressed. Warren did everything he can. He thought of new ways, new approaches to solve problems. He didn’t settle for less. Why? Because when he loves someone, he gives all his best.

He held my hands and said: “Sabi namin, THIS IS IT! Ito na ang #Forever!”

“Oo, naging masaya kami. We had a lot of happy moments together. Pero we’ve been through hard times din that made me quit in the team just few weeks before the finals.”

“Actually, there’s nothing wrong in quitting if it’s no longer worth fighting for. But if you quit for something that really matters to you, for something that you really love…that’s stupidity. Katangahan yan! At naging tanga ako nung iniwan ko ang mahal ko. I was so tired and frustrated, yung puntong binigay mo na ang lahat-lahat, pero parang kulang pa rin – kulang ka pa rin.”

“Warren hindi ka kulang.”, I said to him.

“Actually, when we did our project, I was in Manila working fulltime na, while the team is in Cebu as well as our community. Eka nga LDR. Long Distance Relationship. Mahirap ang communication, mahirap magkaroon ng time for each other. Ang hirap. Ang sakit, bes.”, he replied.

“But again, I was just only tired and frustrated. I realized, I’m still in love with what I did. I still love the children. I still love the community. I still love my team. At mahal ko pa rin sya.” He continued.

I said “Ouch!”

He held my back.

“There’s more to our country. There’s more to us, Filipinos. And I can’t give up on us.” We are not poor, because we have a lot to give. We may lack so many things, but we are not poor.”

I wasn’t able to hold my tears. I sat down on the floor. He sat down with me.

“So you see, all we need is a different set of sight, to view from a different lens, to see beyond poverty and acknowledge the power of the youth, the power of every Filipino!”

“Dahil kung tanging kakulangan lang ng tao ang tinitignan natin, ay di tayo magbabago. Walang pagbabagong mangyayari sa bansang ito.”

“We need to see the greatness in each one of us more than the poverty we are in – to see greatness beyond poverty!”

“Oo Warren, pero paano ako?”, I asked him.

“And with all these things that I have experienced, I learned that love is sacrificing but without losing oneself. Yung gusto mong ibigay ang lahat lahat pero di ka nauubos at di nawawala ang tunay na ikaw, yung mas nakikilala mo pa ang iyong sarili. Yung mas nanaisin mong maging mabuti at mas magaling pa para sa kanya. Yan ang tunay na pagmamahal.”

“Because of this, I wanted to be with her. The relationship I have with her is what I wanted for the rest of life.”

“And so about 2 weeks ago, I quitted my job as an Engineer so I can be with my passion of building a healthier Philippines; I gave up a very huge opportunity in the company. But. It was the best decision that I made. Because there’s nothing more fulfilling than to fight for the one that you love. If you love someone, fight for her, be with her.”

Mahalin po natin ang ating bansa not just because of the pain she has, but because there is more to us, Filipinos. Because the Philippines is worth loving and worth living for.

Warren, despite the short period of time, I learned to appreciate him. During his confession, I prayed to God to guide him. I also asked the Divine Providence to create more persons like him, because his heart is what our country needs—it bleeds with deep humility, selfless service and genuine love to country; these are characteristics which are rare to find nowadays.

Warren is a treasure of his own kind.