Super Jasper

He has fire in his soul and grace in his heart. He always win, he barely lose.

Every time I am sad and confused, I send him random emoticons at 12AM, 1AM or even 3AM. He would immediately respond . After several exchanges of messages, I felt the compassion. I fell asleep. For me, that’s his one of the many powers. He is better than any relaxant available in the market. His potency to make people happy is 100%.

When God showered the Earth with positivism and energy, I will bet that he acquired it all. His aura is something Earth’s available dictionary can’t define. It is a heaven-bestowed gift that only he can conjure.

If you are unhappy, displeased, and about to surrender— I beg you to hold your horses. Meet Jasper. He will uplift your spirit. He will electrocute you with the barest energy of life. He will add meaning to your existence; he will make you strong using your own faculties.

When he starts to smile and to dance, you will surely see the rotation of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. He has the ability to send you outside this unfair world and in return, he will create a perfect, ideal world for you.

When I first met him two years ago year, I knew that he is special. I expected great things from him  The dedication oozing from his skin was palpable–real and inspirational. His mere presence makes things and events more positive and lively.

Stronger than any force of evil–he stands tall and confident.

For the record, he is one of my favorites not because he is white, tall, can speak eloquently, smart and energetic but because he is the living Synecdoche of hope and light that our world needs today. Jasper seeks to defibrillate hearts that are already callous and sclerotic, to empower hands that are already timid and weak, and to rewire frozen neurons and synapses because of despair and tribulations.

Jasper won’t hurt you.


Seek for the kernel of truth, Mutya defends Jadine scene

Our moral compass is once again challenged after “Till I meet you” aired an intimate scene involving a famous love team. Two separate schools of thought have clashed leading to a national maelstrom. The question at hand is, was the episode unfit to be shown in television?

Despite the amount of pressure given to accentuate the issue, still I stand with my conviction; strong and firm that the episode did not abased any Filipino value.  The arguments raised by the conservatives are not enough to sway the scales of Mutya in their favor.

The controversial TV show has the truth as argument at their side. And the truth is sometimes difficult to swallow. We are upset because the show distraught our common belief. We believe that sex before marriage is an abomination and one should respect the sanctity of it. However, what is happening today is contrary to our belief, and what we had just seen in the episode was the truth.  As an artist, one needs to portray the truth, no matter how inconvenient it could be. Painstakingly, our perpetual silence is worse than the episode.

Let me illustrate to you what had transpired in that controversial scene. It was only a perfect miniature of what is, in fact, happening in the rest of the country.

Based on a study, one in every three youth aged 15 to 24 years old has engaged in premarital sex, the number is increasing by more than 14 per cent from almost 20 years ago. This translates to about 6.2 million youth who have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. (Cebu Daily News)

Again our perpetual silence is worse than the episode.

Because of this forced blindness and close-mindedness, the “UN Population Fund says the Philippines is the only country in the Asia-Pacific region where the rate of teen pregnancies rose over the last two decades”. (Philippine Star).

Again our perpetual silence is worse than the episode.

To say that the controversial episode abets the youth to engage into sex is confounding, since various teleserye nowadays portray the same theme, some are even more vulgar. The opposite side failed to contextualize the message; they missed to incorporate the barest essential of the existing truth affecting the youth.

When we see intimate scenes like this, the tendency is to close our eyes. Some hide in their pillows and criticize the subject. Sex is universal, it is an aboriginal, innate drive and Filipinos are not exempted to have sex.

We can’t stop the youth to have sexual intercourse by asking the MTRCB to censor these types of television shows, because by censorship we tend to inflict certain morals we believe to be more upright.  We don’t prescribe what is right and wrong—that is wrong, instead we teach people how to think and let them decide.

The popular scene opens new dimensions where we can learn from abound of insights. Nothing will happen if we continue to cry foul while we secretly and off-screen perform the actual scene in the dark. We say no to premarital sex, while we do it after class and after work.

Nothing will happen if we accede to our prejudices and flawed realizations. At this point in time, I urge everyone to open ourselves to conversations. The next time same scene appears in TV, open your eyes, ears, mind, and seek for the kernel of truth and from there, you will appreciate its message.


The highest canon of being a Mutya unveiled.

We can work together despite our differences in religion. No religion can do the mission of building a healthier and better country alone. We need each other’s arms for us to move in one direction; because only in unity amidst diversity we can shape a stronger and inclusive future.



This is my first time in Cotabato City, at first, I was a bit anxious because of what I’ve read and heard from the news. Many heinous ideations scrambled inside my mind, corrupting the very essence of my existence which is to bring out the Mutya in every person.

I know that being afraid is unbecoming of a Mutya, this is in violation of one of the Mutya canons which states “Fear shuts all doors and destroys all bridges.”

Fear is the most powerful thing invented my our mind for this world, second is love, (both complicate things), fear is the only thing that can stop you from loving someone or something, you can’t love and fear at the same time. You need to choose.

I made a choice.

When I saw the optimistic faces of the youths earlier, there is no doubt that positive change is about to come. Behind the shadow of physical war is a movement that these youths would like to push forward. They want to help their communities. They want to build partnerships; they want to shape their own future as conceived by their innovative and passionate minds.

Conflicts plant fear and fear destroys the youth. The time we contribute or join fear is the time we fail our future citizenry. In order to dispel fear, we need to understand and listen to the core of the Earth. We need to open our minds, we need to change our old clothes and walk like an open book—willing to learn and to appreciate the unique themes from both sides, an this point, (both religions.)

When we entered the biggest mosque in the Philippines earlier, I learned that we have no clear and compelling reasons to create divisions. There is a wide common ground where people having different views and beliefs can work together for the attainment of a common aspiration.

The mosque taught us the highest canon of being a mutya, that is respect and courtesy before everything else.

When are we going to learn to open our eyes and to accept the differences that we have and then work in our commonalities?

Tears fell from my eyes, and it opened my vision to a new perspective.