If you are a woman fight for Senator De Lima.

If you are a woman fight for Senator De lima. Imagine if this is your mother, being in a position of malice and prejudice, caused by the president himself, who sworn to protect the rights and the welfare of all, under the regime of truth and the rule of law.

It is disheartening how the President of the Philippines publicly ridiculed a woman. Innocent or not, with basis or without, Sen. De Lima deserves the respect from a man, especially the President, who is now being looked upon and perceived as a role model by the younger generation. However, this is not about politics, this is now a concrete scenario, how a man is abusing a woman.

Calling a woman publicly as “immoral” is already a form of psychological abuse. As someone with high regards and respect to women, as he claimed, he should have prevented his mouth from saying those tirades publicly. That simply means change really came. We have now a president who can admonish women in the basis of his political interest.

Sen. De Lima was only doing her job. As the chair or committee on human rights and previous Secretary of Department of Justice, it is in her blood already, the urge to investigate alleged human rights violations that are currently infesting the country.

Recently two UN Human rights advocate called the attention of the President to stop the increasing number of extrajudicial killings in the country. According to them, the President is violating International Humanitarian law for his “licensed to kill” campaign.

With all of these, we should support Sen. De Lima in her quest to pursue justice and the rule of law.

As citizens, we have the duty to poke our leaders when they appeared unpresidential. The President should not interfere with the actions of the legislative branch and he should be focusing now on his promises.

Let the investigations reveal the truth.


Photo from Philstar