Give yourself a gift! Meet Jasper.

When God showered the Earth with positivity and energy, I will bet that he acquired it all. His aura is something that Earth’s available dictionary or language laureate can’t define. It is a mystical extra-terrestrial and a heaven-bestowed gift that only he can conjure.

If you are unhappy, displeased and about to surrender— I beg you to hold your horses!

Meet Jasper.

He will uplift your spirit.

He will electrocute you with the barest energy of life.

He will add meaning to your existence; he will make you strong using your own faculties.

When he starts to smile and to dance, you will surely see the rotation and the revolution of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. He has the ability to propel you outside this unfair world and in return will create a perfect, ideal world for you.

When I first met him last year, I knew that he is special. I expected great things from him personally. The dedication oozing from his skin was palpable—real and inspirational. Notwithstanding the fact that he is a well-known artist in Iloilo, his mere presence makes things and events more positive and lively.

Stronger than any force of evil—he stands tall and confident.

For the record, he is one of my favorites not because he is white, tall, can speak eloquently, smart and energetic but because he is the living Synecdoche of hope and light that our world needs today. Jasper seeks to defibrillate hearts that are already callous and sclerotic, to empower hands that are already timid and weak, and to rewire frozen neurons and synapses because of despair and tribulations.

Give yourself a gift! Meet Jasper as soon as possible.