Super Jasper

He has fire in his soul and grace in his heart. He always win, he barely lose.

Every time I am sad and confused, I send him random emoticons at 12AM, 1AM or even 3AM. He would immediately respond . After several exchanges of messages, I felt the compassion. I fell asleep. For me, that’s his one of the many powers. He is better than any relaxant available in the market. His potency to make people happy is 100%.

When God showered the Earth with positivism and energy, I will bet that he acquired it all. His aura is something Earth’s available dictionary can’t define. It is a heaven-bestowed gift that only he can conjure.

If you are unhappy, displeased, and about to surrender— I beg you to hold your horses. Meet Jasper. He will uplift your spirit. He will electrocute you with the barest energy of life. He will add meaning to your existence; he will make you strong using your own faculties.

When he starts to smile and to dance, you will surely see the rotation of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. He has the ability to send you outside this unfair world and in return, he will create a perfect, ideal world for you.

When I first met him two years ago year, I knew that he is special. I expected great things from him  The dedication oozing from his skin was palpable–real and inspirational. His mere presence makes things and events more positive and lively.

Stronger than any force of evil–he stands tall and confident.

For the record, he is one of my favorites not because he is white, tall, can speak eloquently, smart and energetic but because he is the living Synecdoche of hope and light that our world needs today. Jasper seeks to defibrillate hearts that are already callous and sclerotic, to empower hands that are already timid and weak, and to rewire frozen neurons and synapses because of despair and tribulations.

Jasper won’t hurt you.


Mr. President, we will defend Iloilo City, the Batchoy and Biscocho.

Dear Mr. President,

First of all, I deeply admire your staunch campaign against illegal drugs in our country. You are the first president who engaged exhaustively in this fight.

We are one in ensuring that this country will become a safer place for everyone. However, what you have said earlier, declaring in national media, that Iloilo City is the most “shabolized” city in the whole country is unacceptable for me—an Ilonggo who takes pride from our culture and tradition in Iloilo.

Labeling Iloilo City as the most “shabolized” sends a cornucopia of messages that can be interpreted and can be twisted by malicious minds. Let’s be clear here, I am not defending the alleged drug personalities and coddlers in Iloilo City.

I am defending the innocent, hardworking, the law abiding Ilonggos and even your voters who enjoy the gift of liberty and democracy in the City of Love, whom you now tainted with drugs. You placed us in a position of discrimination and bias. We don’t deserve this. You can’t associate our totality with the single acts of the few.

Mr. President, you are a champion of MALASAKIT, I now refused to believe that. Those words came out from your mouth without regards and compassion.

Spoken words are like spent arrows, you can’t take it back. You annihilated the very essence of being an Ilonggo; you robbed us from our identity and peace. You inspired divisions and not unity. How can we heal this country?

In Iloilo, we enjoy the love of the people. Our city is not considered as the most livable in the country for no reason.

Our Batchoy expresses love and compassion; we will protect it from any person, including you. Our Batchoy does not have drugs.

Our Biscocho possesses the passion that we have. We will protect it from anyone who will tarnish our identity. Our Biscocho is not made by drug addicts and pushers.

Our river is very clean; in fact it is considered as one of the cleanest river within the city in the whole world. We will protect this from anyone who will throw anything in our peaceful waters.

Most importantly, our people.

We are loving, we don’t get angry easily, we welcome anyone in our city. Our voice can solve problems. We are not drug pushers. We are not drug addicts.

Here in Iloilo, we value the the family, peace and love.

Typhoon Yolanda made us stronger. We never knelled for anyone except to Senoya Candelaria and  Senyor Sto. Nino. We value religion and morality, that’s why we are living in peace and harmony.

We don’t need to kill a person just to show that we are strong. We even forgive our enemies.

You said that we need to let go of our past grudges, and together, let’s move forward. How can you do this if every day, you are inflicting pain to the morals of the Filipino people? As President, your words are very influential; it can both destroy and create a nation.  As President, you need to be conscientious of the words you say. We are listening to you. We care for you.

Mr. President, congratulations you just have killed all the Ilonggos in Iloilo. I will not ask you to issue an apology. What you have done is UNFILIPINO.

Now, I’m hoping that you are happy.



Photo from: GMA Network


#Mutya: I will never eat again in Kamalig Restaurant, Iloilo.

This is an open letter to Kamalig Restaurant in Iloilo.

When one of my heads asked me to bring her to a restaurant that embodies the spirit of being an Ilonggo, the first thing came into my mind, was Kamalig, in Atria District, in Mandurriao. Based from real life experience and anecdotes from my friends, Kamalig is one of the best.

I believed them.

We ordered the finest authentic Ilonggo dishes. We want to taste it all. We want to experience the history of Iloilo imprinted on the food. My boss, since it was her first time in the city of Love wanted also to experience the magical taste of Batchoy. Unfortunately, Kamalig does not serve that specific dish. I was expecting that they will recommend a solution.

They did not go the extra mile. It is unbecoming of an Ilonggo.

My essence is always to make it happen. The Ilonggo spirit of hospitality and the passion to make it possible, urged me to buy a bowl of Batchoy from a nearby restaurant and I personally brought it inside Kamalig.

The staff did not stopped me, what they did was, while we shared funny stories of positivism, while we praise the elegance of the place, while our eye balls were rolling because of the mouth-watering flavors of the food; someone approached my boss,  and the staff delivered the line that struck me dead.

 She said that she will be charging corkage because of the Batchoy.

In my mind can’t you wait?

Everything becomes black and bland. I did not touch their food. I lose my appetite.

“How come the corkage? You are not serving Batchoy naman.” I said.

“It’s our policy.”, she said in an argumentative stance.

“Ok, how much is the corkage, I will settle it later, can’t you see, we are eating?”

“100 pesos.” she said.

It takes 100 pesos to demolish the memorable experience of costumers in a City known to provide authentic Love and Care. It is common sense, and basic costumer service competency, that all financials, should be covered after the person consumed the food.

Yes, what the staff did was authentic, an authentic act that will prevent us from eating in Kamalig again.

It is so authentic, that I personally, cannot contain myself but to tell stories about my bad experience, and because of this authenticity, I am writing this to you, to show you, that sometimes, failure to communicate, in the establishment part, should not ever constitute to our food demise.

Where is the hospitality? Where is the respect? Where is the humanity?

I am not angry, I am only disappointed that you weren’t able to delay your gratification to collect for the “penalty”; despite we are in the middle of our food fantasy. It is inhumane, not to say, bad for your business.

Restaurants succeed not because they serve good food but because they care, while they serve.

My blog is our corkage to you. The difference is that, this will not costs you 100 pesos.


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