VP Leni is principled, ready to lead opposition. 

The resignation of Vice President Leni Robredo is a manifestation that she is a principled woman and a solid sign that she is now ready to face the crocodiles in our government as the LP matriarch. This should not be mistaken as a sign of weakness or a brewing political drama designed by the Liberal Party because it takes more than courage to yield a comfortable position nowadays in exchange to morals and beliefs, especially with this type of government that we have now. 

VP Leni is in no way fit to be a valid member of Duterte’s cabal who some are tainted with incompetence. 

The Vice President values her promise, she has delicadeza to abandon the unhealthy post offered by the President. 

Painstakingly, the Duterte adminstration again paints confusion to the minds of the Filipino people. His promise and his own brand of change is starting to become evident starting from the vile burial of the late dictator Marcos, selective justice impairing the rule of law and his overextended influence to other political branches of the government. 

VP Leni should now focus in uniting the opposition and assume the leadership to counter the demoralizing style of government of the Duterte administration. 

Laban Leni! Laban! 



If you are a woman fight for Senator De Lima.

If you are a woman fight for Senator De lima. Imagine if this is your mother, being in a position of malice and prejudice, caused by the president himself, who sworn to protect the rights and the welfare of all, under the regime of truth and the rule of law.

It is disheartening how the President of the Philippines publicly ridiculed a woman. Innocent or not, with basis or without, Sen. De Lima deserves the respect from a man, especially the President, who is now being looked upon and perceived as a role model by the younger generation. However, this is not about politics, this is now a concrete scenario, how a man is abusing a woman.

Calling a woman publicly as “immoral” is already a form of psychological abuse. As someone with high regards and respect to women, as he claimed, he should have prevented his mouth from saying those tirades publicly. That simply means change really came. We have now a president who can admonish women in the basis of his political interest.

Sen. De Lima was only doing her job. As the chair or committee on human rights and previous Secretary of Department of Justice, it is in her blood already, the urge to investigate alleged human rights violations that are currently infesting the country.

Recently two UN Human rights advocate called the attention of the President to stop the increasing number of extrajudicial killings in the country. According to them, the President is violating International Humanitarian law for his “licensed to kill” campaign.

With all of these, we should support Sen. De Lima in her quest to pursue justice and the rule of law.

As citizens, we have the duty to poke our leaders when they appeared unpresidential. The President should not interfere with the actions of the legislative branch and he should be focusing now on his promises.

Let the investigations reveal the truth.


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Mr. President, we will defend Iloilo City, the Batchoy and Biscocho.

Dear Mr. President,

First of all, I deeply admire your staunch campaign against illegal drugs in our country. You are the first president who engaged exhaustively in this fight.

We are one in ensuring that this country will become a safer place for everyone. However, what you have said earlier, declaring in national media, that Iloilo City is the most “shabolized” city in the whole country is unacceptable for me—an Ilonggo who takes pride from our culture and tradition in Iloilo.

Labeling Iloilo City as the most “shabolized” sends a cornucopia of messages that can be interpreted and can be twisted by malicious minds. Let’s be clear here, I am not defending the alleged drug personalities and coddlers in Iloilo City.

I am defending the innocent, hardworking, the law abiding Ilonggos and even your voters who enjoy the gift of liberty and democracy in the City of Love, whom you now tainted with drugs. You placed us in a position of discrimination and bias. We don’t deserve this. You can’t associate our totality with the single acts of the few.

Mr. President, you are a champion of MALASAKIT, I now refused to believe that. Those words came out from your mouth without regards and compassion.

Spoken words are like spent arrows, you can’t take it back. You annihilated the very essence of being an Ilonggo; you robbed us from our identity and peace. You inspired divisions and not unity. How can we heal this country?

In Iloilo, we enjoy the love of the people. Our city is not considered as the most livable in the country for no reason.

Our Batchoy expresses love and compassion; we will protect it from any person, including you. Our Batchoy does not have drugs.

Our Biscocho possesses the passion that we have. We will protect it from anyone who will tarnish our identity. Our Biscocho is not made by drug addicts and pushers.

Our river is very clean; in fact it is considered as one of the cleanest river within the city in the whole world. We will protect this from anyone who will throw anything in our peaceful waters.

Most importantly, our people.

We are loving, we don’t get angry easily, we welcome anyone in our city. Our voice can solve problems. We are not drug pushers. We are not drug addicts.

Here in Iloilo, we value the the family, peace and love.

Typhoon Yolanda made us stronger. We never knelled for anyone except to Senoya Candelaria and  Senyor Sto. Nino. We value religion and morality, that’s why we are living in peace and harmony.

We don’t need to kill a person just to show that we are strong. We even forgive our enemies.

You said that we need to let go of our past grudges, and together, let’s move forward. How can you do this if every day, you are inflicting pain to the morals of the Filipino people? As President, your words are very influential; it can both destroy and create a nation.  As President, you need to be conscientious of the words you say. We are listening to you. We care for you.

Mr. President, congratulations you just have killed all the Ilonggos in Iloilo. I will not ask you to issue an apology. What you have done is UNFILIPINO.

Now, I’m hoping that you are happy.



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You inspired us to become selfless and nationalistic again.

Dear President Duterte,

First of all, I would like to thank God for helping you become the President of the Philippines. Sorry, but “wala ta ikaw gin boto”, it was because I am a staunch supporter of Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. Back then, I was wary of your style and your personality.  I was afraid that you might become a monster but hearing your first State of the Nation Address; I must admit, I was wrong to judge you.

Mr. President, (I know you issued your first Executive Order not to address you Honorable or His Excellency), I must abide therefore. Thank you for giving us HOPE to believe in our government. I personally, since the time I understood the filthiness and tardiness of the government, I then lose my respect and high regards.

I see politicians as mere objects of corruption—stealing money from the people’s coffers. It is because of you that I begin to see the new bright image of a true and passionate statesman. You help us appreciate the positive side of being a public servant shattering the belief that good deeds are merely the silhouette of politicians in order to hide their dark and mischievous agenda.

Today, you resuscitated my belief that good men can still win and prevail.

My tears are flowing because your words are so reflective of truth and practicality. You possess the compassion and the common sense that even you expressed care for the accessibility of the MRT tickets and the expiration of Philippine passports. You knew the symphony and the meaning of the cries of the poor and suffering Filipinos.

At last we have a president who listens, cares and has the balls to say what is right though, it will be excruciating to the skin of the hypocrites in Barong and Filipiniana.

I admire your courage Mr President in your dream to effect long lasting peace in the Philippines. Your dedication to fulfill your promise to make this country a safer place to live in, through raging war against crime and illegal drugs up to the point of risking your life is a form of heroism. You inspired us to become selfless and nationalistic; an attribute that we young Filipinos fail to internalize.

As much as I want to hug you, but it’s impossible for now, I want to extend my deepest respect and gratitude for making us alive again. For making us feel that we are Filipinos and we have the significant roles in this society. You quench our thirst for an honest and real government of the people.

I know that you will have a long, treacherous path to take, but don’t get tired or think that you are alone. I, Mutya, promise to support you in your undertakings and battles for the best interest of this good and blessed nation.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ka President. Duterte!

President Rodrigo Duterte : Stop the inhumane treatment of nurses in the Philippines.

 I am Mutya, I am speaking out to represent all the Filipino nurses in the Philippines who are being treated inhumanely by previous Philippine administration. We are considered as the blood of healthcare in the country, but unfortunately, we are not one of the priorities.

The comprehensive nursing law of the Philippines had been previously vetoed by the outgoing President Aquino. The bill only aims to improve the nursing profession in the Philippines specifically, by giving the nurses, salary that is livable and can sustain the life of their families.

In the Philippines, despite the rise of patients admitted in hospitals and community health centers and the expansion of nurses roles, still, the government failed to care for us. We work in hospitals that lack safe medical equipment, we handle 40 patients in one ward in a 12 hour shift, we can’t provide the best care that supposedly we should give because we are hungry, tired and depressed.

I already wrote a letter addressed to President Aquino, communicating the nurses dismay because of his merciless decision. It was published in my blog, getting the support and attention of many nurses and media platforms in the country. Here is the link: https://brightgays.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/im-mutyarn-im-writing-for-the-president/

With this, I am humbly asking, the incoming President, President Rodrigo Duterte, to please refile, prioritize and approve the bill, during his first 100 days as President. I know that he has the heart and the capabilities to stop the inhumane treatment of nurses in the Philippines.

We will continue the fight, to claim our rights and privileges, that were reaped from us.


What kind of change?

President Duterte has all the power to appoint anyone to his cabinet. Anyone in the country can be a cabinet member regardless whether or not, he/she possesses the right attitude and competency. It becomes  clearer now that President Duterte’s main qualifications are friendship and utang na loob– a contradiction to his campaign message; “Walang lugar ang kaibigan sa aking gobyerno.”

On his latest statement he said, he is busy appointing his friends and kumpadres. He has no plans yet to give VP Leni Robredo any cabinet post.

I agree with President Duterte.

VP Robredo should not be a part of his questionable cabinet.

VP Robredo should stay away from that cabinet, because that circle will soon suction every ounce of goodness from her.

President Duterte should stand on his principles. It seems that change is really coming, the question is, what kind of change?