The application of any rules and regulations should be unbiased especially when it concerns safety. In our airports, officers are tasked to check the contents of the luggage of every passenger to prevent any belligerent acts while in flight.  However, these rules are deemed useless if the assigned personas have preconceived bias, thus they are unable to render fair measures in line of their duty—a detrimental trait in any facility such as of an airport.

Last November 28, 2016, 1PM, (the Manila International Airport Authority can review all their CCTV), I have to catch a 2PM flight to Cagayan de Oro. Following all the protocols, I submitted myself to the last inspection. However, it was in fact, a fiasco to humiliate me.

The lady, wilfully, capriciously, with ill-will and personal malice commanded me to remove my laptops inside my bag. I have two laptops in a two separate bags that time.  She even raised her voice and she said and I quote “Gamitan mo yan ng tray!”, I replied, “You don’t have any tray at all, then I raised my eyebrows.”

I don’t mind undergoing all the necessary security checks but during that time , only I suffered such inhumane and abusive procedure. I was contemplating, how did she decided to choose me, am I too foreign to her? Did I insulted her perception?, But one thing for sure, I was more human than her. I was more caring, I was more passionate. But my forgiveness has limitations.

The Manila International Airport Authority should raise their standards. Excellent service starts in every security checkpoints. I have experienced admirable conduct in some airports but this one should not go unnoticed.

The lady in NAIA violated all the canons of good conduct for a government official.

If X-Ray machine can only scan bad character, I’m sure the machine will keep on beeping and beeping all day, showing her bilious mind.

I am praying to the Metro Manila International Airport to dismiss this lady. I have her name, and I will send a formal letter of complaint to your office.

The rules must be applied to all and not to selected few. She overstepped, she exercised grave abuse of discretion. She must be punished.




4 thoughts on “Mutya seeks for termination of NAIA 3 officer

    • She gravely abused her discretion in checking the luggage. Protocols not implemented fairly and squarely. The person at my back with a laptop, did not experience the same procedure. For me, that’s discriminatory.


      • I am very sorry for the discrimination that you experienced. I understand that it got you really angry, but I think it’s a bit much to expect her to be dismissed. Proper training or a warning from a superior would be better suited, I think. But just my two cents.
        Having a witness would also help your case…


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