If there is one person to blame to what is happening today in our country, it is President Rodrigo Duterte, the person whom we elected because of his compassion, excellent performance and strong political will. However, in less than a year since his election, our country faced so much division that can potentially lead to civil unrest. His insensitivity and crooked judgement is killing every Filipino and the country and the next generation still unborn.

I went to EDSA to join the protest against the burial of the late dictator Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I could not believe how they insulted and rubbed salt to the wounds of the victims of the dreaded Martial law regime.  Until today, many innocent people are still searching for their love ones, asking for justice and reparation but what this government did was to open again the wounds of the poor victims. This matter I believe is not about political colors, this is about history. And as President, Mr. Duterte and his cohorts distorted our history, by acquitting Marcos from his monstrous deeds during the past.

It is shameful and I feel nauseous upon thinking the now sour promise of President Duterte which is to heal the divide between the Filipino people. His close political affinity and sweet accommodation with the Marcoses betrayed the public trust. He failed to listen; he is not acting as the President of the Philippines. He is now the number one apologist of the Marcoses abetting and cleansing the dark deeds of the human rights abuser. Thus, compassion remained a promise and now starting to turn into a lie, because believe it or not, burying the plunderer Marcos in the Libingan does not involve any compassion at all.

As a sign of my defiance, I submitted myself to a tattoo artist for a dragonfly. According to my reading the dragonfly symbolizes real change and transformation. This is already a change of heart and a change of perspective, a form of personal disgust to the present government who failed me.

From now on, I encourage everyone to be vigilant and be cautious because evil is here in our country, and now they are in their plain accouterments, masquerading themselves as trusted public servants.



One thought on “Mutya spewed fire over Marcos burial, gets tattoo

  1. I have one word for those: MAL-EDUKADO.

    Hehe, reminds me of last Saturday night when I posted that same word as a status. It was a thinly-veiled jab at some relatives who supported Marcos. All of a sudden, my mother barged into my room demanding that I delete it – claiming that I was looking for a fight.

    Is expressing an opinion dangerous now that we might offend the thin-skinned idiots, pandering to the mal-edukados that hold the Philippines by the neck?


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