Dear Chaw,

Your decision to work in Germany is very painful for us. Actually, we had a caucus to issue a temporary restraining order, to prevent you from going outside the Philippines. However, we knew deep inside that our petition will only serve our self-interest. It is very difficult not seeing you Chaw in Iloilo. It is very difficult to ask for the exact location of any establishment because the whole city knows that you are the master of all landscapes here, you are the living Google map. It is very difficult now Chaw to canvass for the cheapest t-shirt in town. It is very difficult now Chaw, because in times of severe food scarcity, we don’t have any house to raid – your house became our house as well.

For the past 7 years, you showed to us that you are precious and irreplaceable. Your tenacity is worthy of inspiration and emulation. You safeguarded our organization from external and internal conflicts; you were an excellent diplomat, negotiator, lawyer and joker. We will be always grateful for that Chaw.

Now that you are flying for Germany, we wish you all the best; continue spreading the WAYA ideology wherever you are. We will miss you Chawy and we love you.

God bless you!




Dolduco, Dicto, De la Pena, Alarcon, Ela, Gazo, Edis


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