As a well-known resort and restaurant, Bagasbas Lighthouse proved to me that incompetence and high disrespect of costumer experience can go as far as the beautiful shores of  Daet, Camarines Norte. Its popular name deserves not even a single clap or a murmur of gratitude. They exhibited the lowest possible service in this archipelago that even the street children in Camarines Norte can overshadow.

It was extremely laughable.

The Basgasbas Lightouse Resort and Restaurant became our home for the past 2 days. Based from top suggestions and local recommendations, it is one of the best; undeniably, that it has some class, bragging its’ well curated façade with rich green fauna and flora, indeed, a suitable haven for someone who loves nature. But, flora can’t cure ignorance, because neurons can’t eat cellulose. I refuse to accept this common belief and observations. I rose to condemn this place.

No amount of persuasion can sway my disbelief and discontent, the scales of human reason and logic, would dictate that the facility lacks the appropriate common sense and competency to serve its customers. Let me illustrate to you the grounds why you should think twice in choosing this misfortune.

  • Their receptionist lacks communication skills.
  • Their rooms are untidy. You can even see live spiders in the comfort room; you can’t even differentiate if these spiders are part of the interior design or a mere concrete and undisputable sign of their lack of sanitary practices.
  •  The receptionist/cashier is seemingly poor in mathematics. She couldn’t even decipher how much were our bills—a serious offense that struck down my confidence with them.
  • No assistance where given to us when we arrived and left the vicinity.
  • The restaurant relatively misrepresented their food servings. Their good for four person, is actually good for 8.

With these given facts and observations, I humbly submit to you this challenge, if you want to go home with your morals still intact, abandon the thought of choosing this place. What I experienced was beyond disbelief, that even the spiders in their dusty walls, the turtles in their murky, dirty pond, can’t comprehend and accept.

I will never forget this ironic vacuous encounter.


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