We can work together despite our differences in religion. No religion can do the mission of building a healthier and better country alone. We need each other’s arms for us to move in one direction; because only in unity amidst diversity we can shape a stronger and inclusive future.



This is my first time in Cotabato City, at first, I was a bit anxious because of what I’ve read and heard from the news. Many heinous ideations scrambled inside my mind, corrupting the very essence of my existence which is to bring out the Mutya in every person.

I know that being afraid is unbecoming of a Mutya, this is in violation of one of the Mutya canons which states “Fear shuts all doors and destroys all bridges.”

Fear is the most powerful thing invented my our mind for this world, second is love, (both complicate things), fear is the only thing that can stop you from loving someone or something, you can’t love and fear at the same time. You need to choose.

I made a choice.

When I saw the optimistic faces of the youths earlier, there is no doubt that positive change is about to come. Behind the shadow of physical war is a movement that these youths would like to push forward. They want to help their communities. They want to build partnerships; they want to shape their own future as conceived by their innovative and passionate minds.

Conflicts plant fear and fear destroys the youth. The time we contribute or join fear is the time we fail our future citizenry. In order to dispel fear, we need to understand and listen to the core of the Earth. We need to open our minds, we need to change our old clothes and walk like an open book—willing to learn and to appreciate the unique themes from both sides, an this point, (both religions.)

When we entered the biggest mosque in the Philippines earlier, I learned that we have no clear and compelling reasons to create divisions. There is a wide common ground where people having different views and beliefs can work together for the attainment of a common aspiration.

The mosque taught us the highest canon of being a mutya, that is respect and courtesy before everything else.

When are we going to learn to open our eyes and to accept the differences that we have and then work in our commonalities?

Tears fell from my eyes, and it opened my vision to a new perspective.




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