During the budget hearing of the Department of Health an unsolicited and off scurrilous remark was raised placing into contempt the hardworking healthcare professionals, specifically nurses in public hospitals. The statement has no basis, tainting the caring image of the nurses.

The spirit of nursing is caring. It is in the nature of every nurse to be understanding and to be patient to everyone who is committed to her/his care. In fact, it is enshrined in the nursing curriculum to inculcate the science and art of caring in every nursing student. You can’t graduate and pass the nursing board exam without these prerequisites.

Like other professionals, nurses are also human being. Nurses are not saints or demi-gods. Their natural sparks and healing hands have limitations and expiration especially if abused. A hungry and ill-paid nurse have all the right to become grumpy, it is within the ambit of rational behavior of a human being.

Being peevish  if you are abused is normal and acceptable compared to being corrupt– siphoning the money of the country for his or her own self-interest aside from doing nothing but sitting in a chair waiting for the next election to happen– a satanic act, worthy of lethal injection.

The statement overgeneralizing nurses is but an uncanny statement, an attempt to weaken the movement of nurses towards equitable and more humane working condition in the country.

With due all respect, without implication of malice, I believe that there are more corrupt politicians compared to impatient nurses. If we are going to study the scenario, nurses sometimes become irritated because of the ineffectiveness of the government to fix the healthcare system. The lean and beggarly annual allocated budget of the government and the corruption inter alia, are the main reasons why the healthcare delivery is most of the time not ideal. Expecting for 100% of the nurses smiling all the time is stupidity.

The proposed signages in hospitals are not necessary because nurses understand the precepts of their profession. It will only entail additional costs for the health department. It would be wiser if the budget for these signages be utilized in improving the welfare of these poor nurses; a simple water dispenser or a 1 peso increase in their salary will be greatly appreciated.

If not, nurses also should place some tarpaulins in the front of every public hospitals saying:

“Walang masungit kung walang corrupt.”

“Hustisya para sa mga nurse.”

How about that?

I think it would be fair.


Photocredit: http://bulatlat.com/


One thought on “Walang masungit na nurse kung walang CORRUPT.

  1. Kahit sinisigawan ka na ng folks, smile ka pa rin. Kahit gutom na gutom, smile pa more. Its as if d prin tayong polite sa gnyang abuso, db? Its sad to know na ganito prin yung treatment natin even if we had sacrificed so much na pra sa patiente and to make up with the lack of ideal equipments within the hospitals. And if you fight back (which happened to me actually), ikaw pa rin ang may kasalanan. Kahit underpaid and overworked, the goverment still expects us to do more…with a smile.


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