This is not boxing Mr. Senator.

Are you a victim of Martial law? If not, you should stop sir from meddling into the topic.

Please don’t lecture us about forgiveness because we are already being so forgiving and so understanding, that’s why you are still sitting on your Senate sit right now. You are a Senator, elected by the people, you should be listening to your constituents, then reading history books and interviewing the personal terrifying accounts from the first hand victims of the Martial Law and the abuses of the late president Marcos should be an intelligent step to do.

The people are the last arbiter to declare someone as a hero. A hero defends its people in times of disaster and does not cause turmoil. A hero is someone with compassion for his fellowmen not the one who tortures, assassinates and liquidates activists, women and students whom he considered as threat to his reign.

Too much for white propaganda here.

We are not dumb. We know the history of the Philippines, and if you have the respect and the regard to us, you should be sensitive enough.

What we are talking here is a decision that will eventually affect the history of our nation. The next generation is watching, they are asking and dubious because, the persons they looked up to, are going to bury a traitor and dictator inside a heroes’ domain.

How can we explain to them, that even you had caused suffering to your fellow Filipino, you could still be a hero. Even you have killed your countrymen; you could still be given the chance to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Are we trying to redefine our morals here?

Burying the late President Marcos is not the same as playing boxing Mr. Senator. This is not about punching an opponent in the nose, and then you will forgive and be forgiven. What are you doing here is punching your fellowmen right into their hearts and souls. You resurrected the pain and the suffering of the victims hidden since time immemorial. This time, your opponent is not the American boxer or the Mexican one, you have to face your countrymen who supported you, who loved you!

Mr. Senator, don’t let your decisions destroy you, because believe it or not, your being a hero in the boxing ring will be redefined, as what you’ve done on the Senate floor. This time, you can’t fight back, you will realize that you created a grave mistake, you offended your countrymen and they might give you the southpaws and the uppercuts which they learned from you.


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Mr. President, we will defend Iloilo City, the Batchoy and Biscocho.

Dear Mr. President,

First of all, I deeply admire your staunch campaign against illegal drugs in our country. You are the first president who engaged exhaustively in this fight.

We are one in ensuring that this country will become a safer place for everyone. However, what you have said earlier, declaring in national media, that Iloilo City is the most “shabolized” city in the whole country is unacceptable for me—an Ilonggo who takes pride from our culture and tradition in Iloilo.

Labeling Iloilo City as the most “shabolized” sends a cornucopia of messages that can be interpreted and can be twisted by malicious minds. Let’s be clear here, I am not defending the alleged drug personalities and coddlers in Iloilo City.

I am defending the innocent, hardworking, the law abiding Ilonggos and even your voters who enjoy the gift of liberty and democracy in the City of Love, whom you now tainted with drugs. You placed us in a position of discrimination and bias. We don’t deserve this. You can’t associate our totality with the single acts of the few.

Mr. President, you are a champion of MALASAKIT, I now refused to believe that. Those words came out from your mouth without regards and compassion.

Spoken words are like spent arrows, you can’t take it back. You annihilated the very essence of being an Ilonggo; you robbed us from our identity and peace. You inspired divisions and not unity. How can we heal this country?

In Iloilo, we enjoy the love of the people. Our city is not considered as the most livable in the country for no reason.

Our Batchoy expresses love and compassion; we will protect it from any person, including you. Our Batchoy does not have drugs.

Our Biscocho possesses the passion that we have. We will protect it from anyone who will tarnish our identity. Our Biscocho is not made by drug addicts and pushers.

Our river is very clean; in fact it is considered as one of the cleanest river within the city in the whole world. We will protect this from anyone who will throw anything in our peaceful waters.

Most importantly, our people.

We are loving, we don’t get angry easily, we welcome anyone in our city. Our voice can solve problems. We are not drug pushers. We are not drug addicts.

Here in Iloilo, we value the the family, peace and love.

Typhoon Yolanda made us stronger. We never knelled for anyone except to Senoya Candelaria and  Senyor Sto. Nino. We value religion and morality, that’s why we are living in peace and harmony.

We don’t need to kill a person just to show that we are strong. We even forgive our enemies.

You said that we need to let go of our past grudges, and together, let’s move forward. How can you do this if every day, you are inflicting pain to the morals of the Filipino people? As President, your words are very influential; it can both destroy and create a nation.  As President, you need to be conscientious of the words you say. We are listening to you. We care for you.

Mr. President, congratulations you just have killed all the Ilonggos in Iloilo. I will not ask you to issue an apology. What you have done is UNFILIPINO.

Now, I’m hoping that you are happy.



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Mutya PH tutol sa pagbuwag ng Partylist system.

Sa katunayan, hindi talaga ako sang ayon sa plano na pag-abolish ng partylist system. Hindi ito akma sa ating demokrasya. Minsan nga sabi ko sa isang kaibigan, gusto niya kasi magkaroon ng LGBT party, maliban pa sa ladlad partylist, (Oo LGBT member siya), ngayon, sabi niya, “Paano kaya kung magtayo tayo ng ganun.”, sabi ko naman, OK lang naman. Nang narinig niya ang panukala ng isang araw ay nawalan siya ng gana. Gusto ng umalis ng bansa. Sabi ko sa kanya, bigyan mo ako ng pitong taon at magkakaroon tayo.

Malungkot lang isipin na gusto ng Presidente na alisin ang kapangyarihan ng Partylist system. Ito ay paglalagay ng busal sa bibig ng mga taong gustong magkaroon ng boses sa kongreso.

Hindi naman natin makakaila sa ngayon na may mga pagkakataon kung saan ang mga mayayaman lang na partylist ang nakakaupo sa Kongreso. Dahil dito sang-ayon ako kay Senadora Hontiveros na dapat pagbutihin lang ang proseso at huwag e abolish ang mga partylist group.

RPF: If you don’t like the path, change the path.

Sabi nga ni Alfred, ang buhay namin sa Pasig araw-araw ay nagsisimula sa sakuna at delubyo.

Tama naman siya.

Gigising kami ng 6AM, makikipagsabunutan, tulakan at murahan ng isa at kalahating oras, bago dumating sa opisina ng 9AM, swerte na kung 830AM.  Mabuti na lang at nakakaganda ng Mural namin sa office, at mas maganda kung ngiti ni Jim ang sasalubong sa iyo.

Kanina ang pinakamalala, dalawang oras kami na naghintay, nagtulakan, nahipuan at namura habang nakikipaglaban sa pagsakay sa jeep. Habang pawisan kami, tinanong ko si Alfred;

“Kailangan ba talagang sampalin natin ang ating kapwa Pilipino para makasakay lang sa jeep.?”

Biglang lumawanag nga ang paligid. Lumabas ang araw. Naghawak kamay kami. Narinig namin ang mga salitang:

“If you don’t like the path, change the path.” Syempre, sigurado kami na galing iyon kay Maam Rhodora Palomar- Fresnedi.  Yung tinuturing namin na ina o queen mother, ang nagluwal ng Mutya galing sa putikan. Ang nagturo na may magagawa kami sa Pilipinas.

Sa halos isang taon namin na pakikipaglaban sa Pasig ay may magagawa pala kami. Nagawa nga namin na e zero ang diarrhea sa Iloilo.

Nakapagdesisyon kami, sa gitna ng lahat na hagulhul, pagkaipit ng mga paa at pagdugo ng baog na kuko dahil natapakan ng isang lalaki na nagmamadali dahil huli na sila ya klase sa RTU at sa mga barker na humihingi ng limang piso, ay nakapagdesisyon kami na lisanin na ng tuluyan ang lugar na ito sa lalong madaling panahon.

We don’t like the path. Kaya we will change the path.