Vice President Leni Robredo just proved that public officials could act and speak decently, and thus, worthy to be called Honorable. The wife of then Interior and Local Government Secretary, Jesse Robredo, and now occupying the second highest position in the country, delivered her congratulatory speech during the Awarding and Presentation Ceremony of Ramon Magsaysay 2016.

The Vice President said and I quote “ideas, which when used to cultivate humanity, are “more powerful than guns” and “more commanding than dictators.”

This is a clear stance that fear and humiliation should stop and that the government should seek for alternative solutions to most pressing problems of our country.

Even then President Ramon Magsaysay on his credo said

“Those who have less in life, should have more in law.”

This is an echoing statement, so true even today, that as government of people and by the people, we have the primary duty to uphold the rule of law and most importantly, our faith in  humanity.

I remembered one of my officemates said,

“Laws separate us from animals.”

VP Robredo also emphasized that we need to find and believe that inside of us are both a giant and a hero.

The speech was truly inspiring and it touched my nationalistic and patriotic spot. It made me realized that, goodness is more powerful than evil.

The speech of VP Robredo encourages positivity rather than by inflicting fear and intimidation to achieve a certain goal. It inspired me to dream big again and again, and to always do the things that make me happy and alive.

She is a real FILIPINO leader.

Ramon Magsaysay Award is considered as the Nobel Prize equivalent in Asia. It was established after the untimely death of President Ramon Magsaysay. The award honor individuals and organizations whose contributions have enhanced this creative tradition of selfless service to the peoples of Asia.

I am happy that one of my favorite government officials, The Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio Morales, was the only Filipina who was elected as one of this year’s recipient for restoring faith in the rule of law.

– MutyaPH

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