Mang Inasal started from Iloilo and I was blessed to experience its love, passion for excellence and unique style in serving signature Filipino food favorites. I am an eye and tongue witness on how they won the hearts of the masses which caused their rapid expansion to 450 stores nationwide.

Tito, (who is now in heaven) always chooses Mang Inasal as the venue for our celebration. His reason–the store is inclusive and has the heart and the hands of a genuine Filipino.

I believed in him.

Actually, the Mang Inasal chicken in Iloilo was the best Inasal I ever tasted my whole life.

However, sad to say that the Mang Inasal that I knew and I loved back when I was in college is very far from what I am encountering today.

The classic soup is already part of history.

I already tested at least three Mang Inasal branches in Manila and all of them failed to serve the signature soup. For them, it is only soup but for me, it represents the warmth of the funny and inspiring conversations with Tito, which I am longing for.

In order to have a drop of chicken oil, you need to steal from the nearby table yourself.

For you to have the sauce, you need to ask five times from the attendants.

For you to have the tissue, you need to stand up and get it from the counter.

Water is already self-service. I tell you, when it started in Iloilo, giving water to patrons was part of the protocol.

Where is the excellent customer service?

This is heart-rending, as someone who eats in Mang Inasal to reminisce the happy memories with my Tito.

Mang Inasal is a place where I can be happy and smile when my heart and head are heavy.

Mang Inasal positioned as a place where I can talk to Tito, where I can see him again, eating the chicken and the halo-halo while grinning.

Tears fell from my eyes as I repeatedly witnessed in many occasions how Mang Inasal deviates from its real purpose. The vision of its creator, whom I looked up to, is starting to shatter.

All I know is that, Mang Inasal ang Tito died a year ago.

Lastly, to the management of Mang Inasal, if you have love and compassion remaining for your customers, kindly uplift your standards once again. Please review the qualifications of your managers and crew. Please deliver the promised excellent experience, and most importantly, please respect the history of Mang Inasal.



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