It is time to create a unified LGBT alliance in the Philippines.

Like other political groups in the country, it is high time now for the LGBT community to team up and strengthen their political image. By so doing, the group can traction political agenda and attention to their advantage.

Despite the presence of Ladlad Partylist as the pioneering LGBT organization in the country, a missing link is evidently present as manifested by its disorganized and ununified networks in the periphery.

A unifying LGBT organization may it be Ladlad or not should be created as soon as possible, now that LGBT membership is increasing in numbers.

It is also an opportune time to create a unified and nationwide movement since LGBT groups have strong backing which is present in both lower and upper houses.

The message is clear, the strategy must shift from rallying to lobbying in all branches of government. Every LGBT members here in the Philippines should exert all his or her efforts and dedication to push for the legislation and implementation of LGBT rights and welfare.

Let’s all gather our wigs, put our most expensive make-ups, wear the most glittering wardrobes and ramp the session hall for an open and friendly discussion.

LGBT community must unite, and the time is now.



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