At least Pokemons make the commuters happy.

The remark that Pokemon is causing the tremendous traffic in Metro Manila is both hilarious and ludicrous knowing that even before Super Mario, traffic in the Philippines’ capital is already debilitating.

Pokemon is not a member of the House of the Representatives, Judiciary, Senate or any office in the Executive Branch of Government.

Pokemons can’t decide whether it is right or wrong. They can’t even create or advance any measures to improve the traffic in Metro Manila. Pokemons are not political animals.

Just to note, Pokemons do not have pork barrels.

They are not corrupt.

Their actions are not insidious.

Incompetence and lack of goodwill are the main cause of traffic.

Pokemons are not being paid to do the job.  They do not control the Department of Transportation. They don’t decide traffic rules, they don’t enforce our laws. In fact, Pokemons are incapable of being so relaxed, doing nothing to ease the burden of the poor commuters.

To blame the Pokémon’s is form of defense mechanism called displacement. Displacement involves taking out our frustrations, feelings, and impulses on people or objects , such as the Pokémon, that are less threatening. Thus, blaming Picachu and Psyduck is understandable, now that, many of our government officials cannot decipher how to solve the traffic.

Pokémon’s are friendly; they make people happy, especially in the road and in lonely places. It is the poor man’s haven and comfort to catch them while gaining rewards because, believe it or not, in the real world, there are no Pokémon’s, what we have are some legislators who are monsters; always there, ready to corrupt even the simplest joy from all of us.

Let’s catch them all!


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