Are you a victim of Martial law? If not, you should stop sir from meddling into the topic.

Please don’t lecture us about forgiveness because we are already being so forgiving and so understanding, that’s why you are still sitting on your Senate sit right now. You are a Senator, elected by the people, you should be listening to your constituents, then reading history books and interviewing the personal terrifying accounts from the first hand victims of the Martial Law and the abuses of the late president Marcos should be an intelligent step to do.

The people are the last arbiter to declare someone as a hero. A hero defends its people in times of disaster and does not cause turmoil. A hero is someone with compassion for his fellowmen not the one who tortures, assassinates and liquidates activists, women and students whom he considered as threat to his reign.

Too much for white propaganda here.

We are not dumb. We know the history of the Philippines, and if you have the respect and the regard to us, you should be sensitive enough.

What we are talking here is a decision that will eventually affect the history of our nation. The next generation is watching, they are asking and dubious because, the persons they looked up to, are going to bury a traitor and dictator inside a heroes’ domain.

How can we explain to them, that even you had caused suffering to your fellow Filipino, you could still be a hero. Even you have killed your countrymen; you could still be given the chance to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Are we trying to redefine our morals here?

Burying the late President Marcos is not the same as playing boxing Mr. Senator. This is not about punching an opponent in the nose, and then you will forgive and be forgiven. What are you doing here is punching your fellowmen right into their hearts and souls. You resurrected the pain and the suffering of the victims hidden since time immemorial. This time, your opponent is not the American boxer or the Mexican one, you have to face your countrymen who supported you, who loved you!

Mr. Senator, don’t let your decisions destroy you, because believe it or not, your being a hero in the boxing ring will be redefined, as what you’ve done on the Senate floor. This time, you can’t fight back, you will realize that you created a grave mistake, you offended your countrymen and they might give you the southpaws and the uppercuts which they learned from you.


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