A tremendous power lies within the keyboard of Filipino bloggers if only they will accept each others arms and form the Philippine Blogging Federation-a legit and legally binding alliance that will strengthen the blogging force in the country.

Blogging is an art; it is also a political and social weapon–depending on the bloggers purpose. It has the power to create and destroy negative beliefs, traditions and notions, even a single blog can change the status quo of a certain department or institution if designed and supported accordingly. Like the mainstream media, blogs carry information that affect and influence the lives of the reading public. Each blogger can affect hundreds to thousands and millions of minds in one reading.

In order to encourage blogging in the country, in order to gain that significant image; bloggers should orchestrate a unified voice to deliver what the country wants.

Bloggers are sensitive , private and highly intellectual personas, it could be anyone, from your friend to your seatmate in crowded MRT and jeepneys. The state should identify this bloggers and provide them the care and attention, just the same as the privilege given to the popular media.

To blog is to share your thoughts, and if we share our thoughts collectively, imagine the impact that we can create. We can help advance agenda of the government, we can protect the rights of the public, and we can educate and inspire our people.

Now is the right time to unite, since change is really coming.



Photo from: trepscore.com



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