For almost a year now, I am a miserable witness on how traffic especially in Pasig Mega Market area destroyed the morality and decency of the riding public.

My stay is nearing 365 days but I never had the chance to experience near comfort in this area. I am thankful though that Pasig taught me various lessons. The most valuable is the virtue of patience. Nevertheless, I fully understand and I already accepted the dogma that to suffer the heavy traffic in Manila is inevitable and it is a normal part of life. Despite the distress call from commuters, government failed to address this effectively.
But today, traffic will not prevent me from expressing my disgust. Traffic will not prevent me from spewing fire. I would like to extend my deepest concern to the Local Government of Pasig City.

Every morning, despite the presence of traffic enforcers near Pasig Mega Market, and the presence of our good policemen, still, a disorganized, inefficient and oppressive system is still on the run–untouched and unfazed. What will it take to gain your small time and attention?

Again, heavy traffic– yes. I can accept that, but not putting up a system or a simple queuing system for commuters that reinforces order and encourages fair treatment and discipline with due consideration to the elderly, persons with disabilities and pregnant women is not acceptable. It makes me to think, what are these men created or hired for?

Traffic enforcers are called to duty to enforce traffic rules and regulations. People will surely follow if we have the political will from our leaders and initiates from our enforcers. But it seems that in Pasig, some of the enforcers are acting like mere light post—standing, doing nothing.

To Mayor Bobby Eusebio, sir, I know that you are an excellent public servant. I am impressed on how you maintained the progress of Pasig City, but please give attention to the traffic condition in Pasig Mega Market. We are not asking you to build bridges, we are not asking you to widen the road. A simple reinforcement of order is enough.

We cannot improve the actual speed of the vehicles but we can improve our humanity. Traffic should not demoralize us. Traffic is not an excuse to forget our good morals.

Now that the President already ordered for improvement in the efficiency of public service that includes transportation, I am expecting some positive changes. I know how difficult it is to commute everyday, especially from Pasig.

I can afford to hurdle the early morning obstacle run and jump, because I am still young and strong, but can we cannot afford seeing our grandparents having dislocated hips because the jeepney started to accelerate despite the weak foot of the old woman is still on the ground,  or can we afford seeing a pregnant women having bleeding because her trembling hands accidentally slips off from the handle of the jeepney causing her painful drop?

This events will  happen if we continue the culture of insensitivity and lack of common sense. Simple things nowadays are not that simple and easy to recognize and implement.

I hope that change is really coming in Pasig.




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