I want to start this manifestation with a quote from our national hero Apolinario Mabini.

“A nation will perish because not of evil men but of good men who just watch and do nothing.”

My dear countrymen, my beloved #KaMutya, the widespread extrajudicial killings that are happening in our country should be carefully scrutinized.

I applaud the efforts of our President to fight illegal drugs in all levels, with the vision to make this country a safer place to live in. Kudos to that.

It is necessary to kill, I presume, in fact, it is legal especially if the person fights back or threatens the life of the innocent.

However, killing “alleged and suspected” persons is not right not to say inhumane!

Every person, regardless of race, gender and position in society should be given equal opportunity to be heard and be given unbiased protection under the rule of law. If we kill a suspected person, we lose the chance to learn from them; especially the why and how, that could lead us to more answers that eventually could improve our actions.

To kill is easy; it doesn’t involve any critical thinking. It is an animal instinct that reduces our existence. When we kill a person, we also lose the chance to love them, —the very root of our problems in the Philippines. Use and propagation of illegal drugs in the country is only one of the many manifestations of social inequalities and inequities that exist in our own neighborhood.

Killing will only temporarily solve the problem—-a Band-Aid solution that will repeat every day at greater proportions until we become animals in our own lands.

It is ironic and hypocritical that we give due process to suspected plunderers in the country who kills the dreams of the Filipino people. Government thieves are just like drug addicts and pushers; they destroy the very essence of life, if they are the same, why are we not killing them at gun point? These corrupt government officials are also murderers of society, affecting families and children. Why are we not shooting them on the head? We find pride and honor to acquit criminals because of lack of evidence. If we will apply the same principle to past president Arroyo, for example, then we must be mourning now on her death, but thanks to the rule of law.

Good for Mrs. Arroyo, but how about the alleged drug pushers and addicts?

As Filipino people, we should start being vigilant. I am not asking the President or the police force to stop what they are doing, what I am asking is to treat their people like their own families.

Everyone are victims of this and we are one on the call to liquidate the culprits,  those who are rich, the able, those who wear shoes, those who are sleeping in air-conditioned rooms. We must show a little ounce of compassion to our fellow men who are at the wrong side of the road. We must give them the last option before we pull the mighty trigger that will send them to their graves. We must uphold the law, we must respect life.

My dear KaMutya, it is our duty to report police activities that violate the rights of our fellowmen. By doing this, we give justice to the words of Apolinario Mabini, we have the mechanism in our hands to create change, and we should help the President in his campaign.  We must do this in a clean and morally upright way.

Killing kills the Mutya in every person.  We should prevent this whenever necessary.


Photo from: telegraph.co.uk


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