First of all, I would like extend my gratitude to my friend, Alfred, who lends me the book, “Adultery” by Paolo Coelho. This is my most favorite book after Alchemist.

The book speaks about the truth, why one commits adultery. It exposes pretension and hypocrisy that exist inside the minds of people, who themselves are committing the sin.

The book will save you and your partner.

Here are the top 11 lines which I specifically picked from the book. The 11 lines made me think of specific people whom I knew from the past and the present.  I will not name names; you will know it by yourself. Be careful, you might see yourself.

  1. What kills a relationship between two people is precisely the lack of challenge, the feeling that nothing is new anymore. We need to continue to be surprised for each other.

If you feel that life is boring with your partner, the book offers alternative.  I was moved into tears on how they restored the challenge in their love life. The best scene!

  1. The most important lesson in life is learning to love.

Many of us believe that love is like learning ABC, a fundamental concept or feeling that does not require any learning process. I am a victim of that thinking also, but the book again opened my eyes that love should be a continuous learning process.

  1. Let us first seek Love, and everything else will be added.

The book positions love as the primary need of the body, once not satisfied; this could lead to conflicts, which could affect work and social functioning. If you don’t have money, learn how to love, and money will come, if you don’t have a career, learn how to love and your dream job will be knocking in your door.

  1. “I will sell everything I have; I will buy a boat, and will travel the world with you. Be with people we’d never seen before and discover places not listed in the guidebooks. My only wish was adventure.”

What’s the first wish of your partner? Try to ask him today! This line is very sweet. I hope I will have the chance to hear this also from somebody.:)

  1. “Treat me like a prostitute, like a stranger, use me like a slave, someone who didn’t deserve respect.”

The book also tells about “break-up sex” as a form of closure. *One of the best line from the book!

  1. “When we dream, we put powerful engines in motion. When we dream, we also make a choice of what price to pay.”

Be careful of what are you asking for, because dreams can break us if we don’t prepare ourselves from the consequences. The book also explored on how a simple dream can affect a happy and secured family life.

  1. “My love for you is stronger than anything, and I would never stop you from being happy.”

Letting go of someone you love. The scene is very sweet and heavy. One of the must read conversation. The set-up was the winning factor! The book will teach you on how to confront your lovers.

  1. “Instead of Jealousy, you know what I feel? Horniness. I ask him to do me exactly what he did with them.”

Bizarre confrontation between mistress and the real wife. Don’t miss the excitement! The lines nailed it painfully. Coelho intelligently transformed the scene into a brawl of words.

  1. If Sex is skipped, suspicions arise, so it’s best to stick to the ritual.

This speaks about having sex as a form of ritual. Each relationships has its own set of rituals that when interrupted will cause problems.

  1. “By doing what you shouldn’t, you will realize it yourself.”

If the Protagonist in the story did not commit adultery, her life would be full of problems. dissatisfaction and depression. It’s wrong to commit adultery but in this case, it helped her in having a stronger relationship with her husband.

  1. After darkness, light.

After the sin, redemption will come. Yes.



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