Sto Tomas, Palauig, Zambales—– A movement to condemn the perpetrators  who cut down century old trees is now starting to gain traction in social media.

Netizens and environmental advocates are now boiling in despair and insurmountable anger after seeing images of trees that possessed the heritage of the people in Zambales, lying dead in the ground posted by a concerned citizen, Melvin Jake Manaog.

Environmental advocates are now urging the public to post using the hashtag #SaveZambalesTrees.

According to sources, the trees were terminated to give way for the road widening initiative of the province, but this was dismissed by the residents saying that they don’t need road widening, since no road congestion is happening in the area.

A permit has been obtained by the perpetrators from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and from the Department of Public Works and Highways. The trees killed possess the old heritage of Zambales and seeing them dead on the side of the road made many people weep.

People are now urging environmental advocates and netizens to condemn this act of violence. The trees have the right to live also.


*developing story.


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