Once upon a time, I was a volunteer nurse.

No benefits, no stipend, no whatever. No, seriously. As far I know, this is the only profession that ‘requires’ you to work without pay for so long just for the ”experience”.

So I got sick and tired.

Fast forward to now, there are still licensed nurses out there rendering their services for free. It needs to stop. The truth is, most of the time, in the Philippine setting, you can’t climb too far up the ladder without strings to pull. And even if you get promoted to N1 or N2 level, the salary still ain’t up to par. No one can blame the nurses who leave their loved ones to take their chances abroad, or find non-health services related jobs. You know, jobs with REAL pay to make ends meet.

I hope this government will live up to its promise for change to come because I really want the system to change from being pro-capitalist to pro-everyone. Which is unrealistic. Alright then, more pro-working class than ever, especially to practicing nurses out there.

From the Facebook post of Ms. Karen Joy Torralba, RN


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