I am Mutya, I am speaking out to represent all the Filipino nurses in the Philippines who are being treated inhumanely by previous Philippine administration. We are considered as the blood of healthcare in the country, but unfortunately, we are not one of the priorities.

The comprehensive nursing law of the Philippines had been previously vetoed by the outgoing President Aquino. The bill only aims to improve the nursing profession in the Philippines specifically, by giving the nurses, salary that is livable and can sustain the life of their families.

In the Philippines, despite the rise of patients admitted in hospitals and community health centers and the expansion of nurses roles, still, the government failed to care for us. We work in hospitals that lack safe medical equipment, we handle 40 patients in one ward in a 12 hour shift, we can’t provide the best care that supposedly we should give because we are hungry, tired and depressed.

I already wrote a letter addressed to President Aquino, communicating the nurses dismay because of his merciless decision. It was published in my blog, getting the support and attention of many nurses and media platforms in the country. Here is the link: https://brightgays.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/im-mutyarn-im-writing-for-the-president/

With this, I am humbly asking, the incoming President, President Rodrigo Duterte, to please refile, prioritize and approve the bill, during his first 100 days as President. I know that he has the heart and the capabilities to stop the inhumane treatment of nurses in the Philippines.

We will continue the fight, to claim our rights and privileges, that were reaped from us.



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