Dear Sec. Coloma,

I do appreciate your explanation why President Aquino vetoed the comprehensive nursing bill, but like what he did, as a nurse, I am writing my suppositions, I refuse to believe your sugar-coated, traditional answers.

Sec. Coloma, you have the liberty to positively varnish PNOY’s mercilessness regard to us, nurses. I know you are just doing your job, rest assured, I am doing mine also. You defend your boss, I will defend mine.

You have the microphone, the media and the podium of the Malacanan, we only have the small space in social media. We don’t have the machinery, but we have every genuine heart of a nurse- uncompromising, undying, passionate, enduring, caring and loving. Our only difference sir, is that, you are paid to do so, your life depends on your boss, but mine, depends on the hope that one day, nurses will claim what we long deserve.

Your explanation came very fast, in science that’s a form of self-defense, your body and spirit need to rationalize the guilt from murdering the lives of many Filipino nurses and their families.

How can you sleep sir during the night? With your mouth full of blood from the neck of innocent and dying nurses whom the office you are defending bit and slit last week? This administration sucked the blood and life of all the nurses in the Philippines.

How can you speak with conviction, echoing and spreading the lies that this administration is continuously propagating?

How can you kneel in the front of the crucifixion? Don’t you see us nurses on the cross?

Where do you take your strength to receive the Holy Communion?

If you have some form of mercy, as the mouth and ears of the President, please tell him that he can veto the bill, but he cannot veto our humanity and our profession. The presidency may disappear, including your position as the communications chief, but our profession will survive.

In fact, we will be the last person beside your deathbed, preparing your peaceful transition to the other side of the world. Remember there are two worlds after us (heaven and hell), we nurses can’t help you go to a better place.

If you are in disagreement of the salary grade, so be it, but please have the balls to improve the working conditions of all the nurses in the country. For 6 years straight, this administration had watched the nurses suffer in hospitals, which is lacking of safe equipment and manpower. You tend to compare us to other entry level professions, how dare you! Forgive my tone sir, but I will repeat, how dare you.

Entry level teachers, for example receive acceptable salaries after they graduate. Unlike us, nurses, after we graduate, we pay for hospitals to hire us and some are silently crawling just to work without receiving any salary for years, I repeat, no salary for years; until they are given a small allowance. The teachers are given chalks, rooms and books, while nurses are given nothing. We even accidentally needle prick our own fingers because your “state of the art” hospitals don’t have sharps collector, we mop the floor, because you don’t have enough hired janitors, if we are comfortable in our workplace, we will not ask you this consideration.

The office you are serving and defending seemed to be jubilant and contented seeing the nurses leave the Philippines. In abroad, Filipino nurses are considered as the best, they garner commendations; they are the top choice because they set high standards. The care of Filipino nurse is unique. Then this government will ask and wonder, why does the health status of the Philippines is not improving? You already know the answer sir, because you don’t invest in the healthcare workforce of your own nation.

Mr. Coloma, it is not unfair, and paying us will not distort the fiscal structure of the Philippines if ONLY you have the heart and the will to do it. What your boss did, was he distorted and crushed the hearts of all the nurses in the Philippines and abroad. He failed them terribly, this government butchered them, but believe me; we are not weaklings to not to overcome that blow. We studied for 4 years, volunteered without pay for 2-6 years and suffered under the (government watch). We cannot rely to the government. The house and the Senate have spoken, the Filipino Nurses have spoken but you did not listen.

In nursing, if a patient has impacted cerumen, we do flushing with solutions, ensuring first that their tympanic membrane is not perforated. After that procedure, the patient regains his/her hearing. But with you and the President, we don’t have the capability, because it is not the cerumen that blocked your hearing it is something inside your brains that filtered our cries and yearnings, and only you and God can decompress it.

Sir, time will come that you will need a nurse. With your age, you will soon need the assistance of these angels, by that time, I am hoping that, you will hold their hands and say thank you because despite all your sins and shortcomings to them, they will still be there to care for you. They will ensure that you are comfortable despite their pockets are empty, they will hold your hand and smile, they will perform the sponge bath using your favorite shampoo and soap, and before, you close your eyes they will whisper the most caring words in the world.

I’m sure your tears will begin to cloud your eyes, and you will remember everything, how the President vetoed the bill, and how you defended him.


Mr. Coloma, I am Mutya and I stand to speak and defend Filipino nurses. We have the same role, but I am in the good side, I don’t know about you, which side you stand.



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