Leadership Journey 7 - Martin San Diego-119I am very afraid to post this entry. This is my most courageous composition, as of now.

Arriving home, I opened my messenger and I saw our conversation last year. It was June, same day, when I message her in facebook. Well, the message was dramatic and heavy. Given that I don’t have a degree in Communications, for heaven’s grace, I was able to deliver the message to her. I was doubtful, anxious, but the message was sent 01:00 AM and was seen 02:00 AM.

I immediately turned off my facebook. Slowly, my actions begun to sink in.

“I messaged one of the most powerful women in the world, in—FACEBOOK.”

I prayed ardently, that Mother Mercy will forgive me, which she will guide and protect me from possible havoc as a result of my actions. I hid under my polka dots blanket. I wished that the blanket would give me goodluck. When I opened my messenger, she replied.

“Send your resume to me, let’s see how and what.”

Oh my God! “Ginawa kong HR si ma’am!” I was ashamed. It was unprofessional. I went out from the apartment, looked at the sky and wished for an UFO to suction me.

Then the rest is history.

But before that incident….

It was in the middle of Typhoon Yolanda, I sent a message to her Facebook, it was my first time to contact her. We were planning to conduct a medical mission in a severely affected area in Iloilo. I knew, she was busy during that time, but help arrived.

After the medical mission, in the back of mind, “Oh my God! Nakakahiya!”

I will not do this again.

I’m not writing to impress her, or to ask an extension of my deliverables. This is my simple way of expressing my deepest gratitude.

We call her ma’am RPF.

Reflective, one time, she asked me under the shade of coconut trees. “Why?” “Why?” Why?” “Why are you here?”, my synapses collapsed. It was a deep reflective session which she helped me identify my calling.  She has the power to look at the clouds and give you an insight and interpretation of your existence. I looked at the clouds a million times, but I don’t see anything. She is rich in wisdom.

Passionate, She can bring and channel your passions into something measurable and meaningful. She has an eye for hidden potentials and talents. She guides you to a series of maze, and at the end of the day, you will experience extreme happiness because you have survived it. It’s not always easy, but with her, you will be amazed on how you reached that kind of decision. She challenges your mind to think big. She stretches it until it snaps.

“Ma’am, pause muna tayo, masakit na ang ulo namin.”

Then she would laugh and say, “Sige, hinay-hinay lang tayo.”

Fun, she believes that building a healthier Philippines should not be boring. She incorporates color to the office, her pasalubongs, her superb attire (na gusto ko nang manahin).

It has been 2 years since I left Iloilo for Manila. Once in a while, I miss my mother. I only get the chance to talk to her through phone. But when I see ma’am RPF in the office, I can feel that my mom is around. Her presence is reassuring. Every time, I see her colourful flower arrangements, I see flashes of images of our garden cultivated by mama.

I believe that, to survive work, to have a meaningful job, it is essential sometimes, to perceive your superiors as someone as close and as dear to your heart. Sometimes they will correct you, get angry at you, but at the end of the day, they will be waiting for you at the end of the road, ready to share the happiness and celebrations, after a day full of meaningful, satisfying and fun work.


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