Earlier, because of the extreme heat, I was able to consume a lot of fluids. I could feel that my tummy was about to explode. I was afraid. I knew that I was in a state of fluid overload.  I waited for a couple of minutes, just to give time for my body to excrete the large amount of fluid. After I successfully eliminated the fluids, a good friend sent a text message, saying that I need to call him (ASAP).

Because, he is a friend, I immediately called him.

“Mikee, hindi ko na kaya ang stress sa work, punong-puno na ako.”

In my mind, (Am I a member of the Department of Labor and Employment?”) I further explored. I gave no judgement.

“The stress is killing me. I couldn’t sleep. Pati sex life wala!”

“In that last part, I can help you if you want”, I said.

Then he laughed.

He said that calling me, made his day lighter. (Flattered much), I offered a coffee, but he said, he has to go for Sunday worship. I did not insisted.

Back then, I remembered someone. His name is Adonis. He is a hemodialysis nurse. He is a specialized nurse who can pull fluids and wastes from one’s blood.

He knows how filtration works. He knows his limits and goals. When he feels that you are overloaded, he will increase his permeability and blood flow. His hands will manipulate the pressures. You can see the patient’s vital signs improving. You can breathe easily if Adonis is with you in the bedside.

He knows all about the anions and cations. He knows how to infuse positivism and extract negativity from the body. He takes the necessary steps to prevent electrolyte imbalances.

Work and life becomes easier with him. After the day, he smiles and says,

You are good now, patient is stable. But ensure that you control fluid intake and note the output.”

Yes, our life is full of everyday stress and pressures. We can feel that our efforts are not enough to meet our goals. We fail to satisfy our superiors and in return we feel that we are less—inferior.

Sometimes, you can sense that the sky is falling; you can’t breathe, sleep and have sex.

You need to have an Adonis to absorb and cleanse your system. You need to find that hemodialysis person, who can lighten your load. You need to search for that someone who can help you set the goals and has the balls to say:  “that’s enough,  it damages your system.

Without this person, you will soon find yourself drowning in an ocean full of expectations and dissatisfaction. We can take so much work to challenge our capabilities but our body and spirit have limits, thus we need support. We need someone who can antagonize the toxins, who can increase our creatinine clearance so that we can freely excrete the excess in our body.

Without your own Adonis, failure is imminent, it can lead to death.

Go find your Adonis.  He is just around!





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