I am a first-hand witness on how their sugary relationship had started.  It was like a fairy tale which I closely tracked for a year and a month, before it finally reaches the season finale. It is disheartening seeing that two heartstrings are disbanded because of physical —————————————-distance.

It was I think, May last year, when I first saw them together.  Upon opening the door of our apartment located at the fourth floor in Makati, I always see their shadows hugging, eating while sharing one spoon, and sometimes giving the other a pleasurable massage. It was like watching the El Gamma Penumbra performing their act of love. Their message to the viewing public—respect the love we have.

In my mind, “what a scene”!

There were times when one prepares the food for the other. Well, during that time, I don’t have someone to pack my own food before I go to hospital. But inside my consciousness, were feelings of happiness and excitement. Imagine, two lovely men could even love and live like real husband and wife. And I was their (yaya).

There is hope in an LGBT relationship. There is an excitement.  I forced myself to believe.

When I and my friend left Makati for Pasig, the sweet relationship continued. It even survived the traffic of EDSA. In fact, they always see each other in SM Megamall where they watch movies together, eat in a pizza parlour, buy couple shirts, beauty products and read some books.  Every time I see them together, even after our exodus from Makati, my faith in love over lust significantly prospers.

Not until today.

Distance and physical absence cut the threads of their love. This news makes me queasy. I am not good in giving advice, especially about love. I want to extend some help but this is not my area of specialty.

LGBT relationships are complex. It has special needs, it is unique.

This is different. Yes, I am a fairy tale lover; I could always visualize the ending.  I am as well a fan of love story movies; I could even predict their script. But aside from these, I am, in my own right, an expert in creating LGBT love stories.

In my composition, I can play with the characters. I can make them have sex inside fully booked in BGC, I can command the characters to have some adventure in Sagada where they eventually found out their sexuality, I can kill a character, I can modify their traits, I can make him fall in love unconditionally.

Despite my passion in writing about homosexuals falling in love and even succeed in having one, (I have an award winning piece which I want to share here soon), I can feel that I am powerless and useless.

Tonight, I want to rewrite their love story, I want to alter the plot, but in reality, though, I want to close the distance, just for my friend to finally be with his lover again, as in tonight, I am not a magician, nor I am not God.

Now, I have no choice but to accept that there is another side of this kind of relationship. Their story goes on a different route as expected, but it’s only time and fate that can predict the finality. Now, I want to see both of them happy, in their own separate ways. I want to bless them with high hopes and positivism that after the rain, a rainbow will appear, and sooner or later, when wounds are already healed, they will face again, hopefully, as stronger characters as before, ready to love again.




2 thoughts on “The other side of LGBT love.

  1. Yes, that is truly heartbreaking 💔. Paghahanap pa lang mahirap and masakit na, pano pa kaya yung nahanap mo na, nagmahalan na kayo pero hindi talaga nag work. 😔. Nice post po.


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