President Duterte has all the power to appoint anyone to his cabinet. Anyone in the country can be a cabinet member regardless whether or not, he/she possesses the right attitude and competency. It becomes  clearer now that President Duterte’s main qualifications are friendship and utang na loob– a contradiction to his campaign message; “Walang lugar ang kaibigan sa aking gobyerno.”

On his latest statement he said, he is busy appointing his friends and kumpadres. He has no plans yet to give VP Leni Robredo any cabinet post.

I agree with President Duterte.

VP Robredo should not be a part of his questionable cabinet.

VP Robredo should stay away from that cabinet, because that circle will soon suction every ounce of goodness from her.

President Duterte should stand on his principles. It seems that change is really coming, the question is, what kind of change?



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