It will only take one kilo of rice and three can of sardines to win in an election.

Every Filipino should make a tough choice for the Philippines to move forward. However, in light of developing events today, our country’s chance of moving towards total development remains in the dreams of every Filipino.  When will these dreams come to reality?

Our leaders promised to build a straight path towards progress, a path free from corruption, yet we are confronted by scandals involving even the high ranking officials in the government. “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap, but if these corrupt officials are not placed behind bars, these words are totally useless.  Corrupt politicians kill the dream of every Filipino to a better life and this is comparable to crimes like genocide.

Some of our leaders brag their little achievement in their small municipality or city and used this to exaggerate their stories. “Ganito kami sa Jupiter, Sana ganito din sa buong Universe.” These kinds of tactics were proven effective especially when coupled with visual manipulation. These magicians and illusionist disrupt the real message. They are underestimating the Filipino’s critical thinking skill. But we cannot blame especially those who do not have food for their family, those who lack proper education and those who do not have the time to decipher between the truth and the demonic lie because they are in hurry to avoid the early morning everyday traffic.

Anyone who says “he or she will end corruption in this country” will only fail. It entails killing majority of the government officials. If not, that “clean” leader will die from assassination or will be ousted by a choreographed protest and paid mutiny.  Another EDSA revolution will come, we cannot ascertain if it will be only once, twice or thrice, it depends if how much meals and allowances these crocodiles can provide to the hungry mob.

Halika ayusin natin ang Pilipinas.” Other candidates are asking the Filipino people to fix the problems of this country. This is unfair because in the first place it is not the Filipino people who created these problems. How many more years will it take before you will realize that we need to improve our transits in Metro Manila?  How many more lives will it take for you to take into consideration the peace in Mindanao? If our officials allocated the money to where it should be spent, we are not in this uncomfortable situation.

Singing “Ama namin” is not enough. Even “dasal langmaawa ka” every day will not save us. Every Filipino should dig in and believe in their selves. Every Filipino is innately excellent and we have the capability to become great. Saying maawa ka is not acceptable and it is a sign of stubbornness. These unscrupulous politicians are afraid of an educated and wise electorate. However, despite the large budget given to education, still many could not even read and write- the happiness of crooks.

For now, I don’t have the choice but to throw little pebbles to these politicians. I am still hoping that one day, we, as a nation will vote with happiness and integrity because we believe in that leader, in his/her advocacy and in his/her vision for the entire nation. Unfortunately, since time immemorial, we vote because of the 1 kilo of rice and three pieces of sardines, the 500 pesos, the promises and the lies.

-This is a mutya_ngHardin views.

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