WAYA would agree that Charibel or we prefer to call “Chau”, “Chaw” is the backbone of our friendship. When problems arise she is the moderator,  the banker, the treasurer, the hit man, the resource person, the cook, the event planner. She is one of the major asset of our circle, a treasure that we will not ever subject into an auction. 

Above all of these, I personally know her as “ang babaeng walang pahinga”, as one time I asked her to accompany me to buy something in Iloilo. She brought me to Iloilo downtown because merchandise are cheaper there.  From 1pm to 5pm we searched for the cheapest item. She asked me. “Kaya mo pa?” I answered. “No chaw, lets buy this one na lang.”

Now, every time that we go out together, I always bring with me two bottles of water, a chocolate and face towel because she will gonna tour you all around the area. 

Allow me to show you her super powers.

chaw zipline

#1. She is a superwoman. Despite her asthma, she still managed to defy her disease. She even outsmarts it by taking prophylaxis bronchodilator before going to extreme activities. She believes that what the mind can conceive the body can achieve and this belief brought us to greater heights, literally HEIGHTS!

chaw wonderwoman

#2 She is also a wonder woman. She can make things possible. One time, we were not able to get the votes for a certain competition. I remember clearly on how Chaw went to every internet cafe with her sexy body facing every men and women who were playing. For almost 5 minutes she was able to garner 100 votes. “Paraparaan lang yan!“, she said.

chaw tree bukari

#3. She is a woman of nature. She always wants to breathe fresh air, to witness the floating fog, to listen to insects and to take pictures with different trees. This image is taken from the highest peak in Iloilo despite the risk of having an allergic attack or worst hypoxic event due to high altitudes she still climbed the mountain, “When I’m old, I’ll join the Greenpeace.” 

chaw thailand

#4. She is a woman of culture. Well, this is one of the trait that I’m amazed with her. She even went to Thailand with empty pockets just to experience its culture. When she went home from Thailand, we were amazed on how in 5 days she was able to learn the basics of the Thai language. Now, she is studying the language of Germany. “I want to know more about Hitler.” Those words were scary coming from her.

chaw queen

#5. She is a woman fascinated with monarchy and fairy tales. She believed in “Prince Charming”, the power of the true love’s kiss, the concept of forever and eternity. When given the chance she will build her own kingdom.

chaw prom2

#6. She is a DONYA in her own unique ways. She steals the show by wearing attire that glitters, matches the theme, the curtains, the table cloths. Inside her hand bag are her life saving materials like the spray paint for those who will take advantage of her during the night.

chaw island

#7. She knows every tourist spot within her area of responsibility. Her main advocacy is marine protection. She is always present in every mangrove planting events, coral reef preservation gatherings, conventions and donation drives. When asked why is doing these, she said ” Because I am once a mermaid.”

chaw boracay

#8. She is a BORACAY ISLAND conservationist. Every year she devoted herself to visit the island. Meeting other people and telling them about the importance of tourist spot preservation is her priority. She firmly believe that Boracay if not safeguarded well will turn into a dead space in the coming years.

chaw cebu

#9. She is the only one in the group who has the passion with corals and sub marine life. In our project “tahong for life” chaw poured out her abilities for the successful implementation. Meanwhile Alfred’s passion is on mollusk having them in a team is a great opportunity. “Whats your passion”, they asked me. “Uhm the Fishermen.”, I answered then we laughed out loud until sunset.

chaw bukari

#10. She is a visionary. I never heard any negative statements from her.
“We can” “Yes” “Of course.”  She has a vision and that made her powerful.


me and chaw

This is one of our oldest picture. Chaw has always been my backbone. From the start of our class in our freshmen year in college. I asked for a ball pen and a notebook, she provided me without hesitation, I asked for a jogging pants, the next day she gave me one, I asked for an answer in an exam, she whispered “A”, I asked for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, it was served, I asked for a shelter, I asked for a defender, I asked for money, I asked for a medicine, I asked everything from her like a parasite, but all her answer were CRISPY and GENUINE YES AND OK except one which I’m sure she cannot provide. whaha! 


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