Do you have friend whose train of thoughts always seemed to be bizarre? However, his or her ideas are valid and accurate when given the deepest attention. His or her thoughts provoke debates within the circle. Actually, if you have this kind of friend you are lucky because he or she will add spices to the team.

In my own circle, Hanna is the perfect match to this type. She is the Mother Superior, the morality rest in her, given the fact that she graduated from a Catholic school. In terms of spirituality and morality she is the adjudicator. It has been six long years, she never failed to amaze us with his wit and eloquence on top is her bizarre thinking that complimented our friendship. 

hanna pyesa

#1. Because of our bizarre thoughts I always asks her to join every declamation competition in the university. I am the scriptwriter and she is the performer. She fulfilled my dream to become a script writer. It was four straight years of performance, of laughter, of winnings. She made my writings come alive on different cultural centers. When she was about to say no, I told her: “Do not fail your number 1 fan.” Yes, I am her most avid fan since we were in Kindergarten. I never failed to attend in all her competition, I analyzed her performances. I even bet on some of her contests.

hanna skitz

#2. What on Earth was she thinking arranging her hair in this manner inside the classroom. I presumed it was her own way of stress diversion from a rigid nursing education. She is crazy, but this expression garnered several awards. There  were no boring days when she is around only crazy ones! 

hanna summer

#3 Who can forget her own dress themes? This is her summer outfit worn during December. She was months advance. According to her, Summer is the best part of the year, because she can show her real colors to men. I love her hat made from buri of the Aeta community.

hanna rocks

#4. She wears sunglasses paired with her “diamond” earrings when going to bodies of water. When asked why? Her crazy answer was “What if the ocean will carry me to different lands, the fisherman who catches me wins a diamond! Is it not a wonderful story?She would usually sit solitary on a stone and murmur words, ask hypothetical questions or speculate about love and death.

hanna graduation

#5. Her eye shadows stunned everyone during her graduation. She told us “I am here to claim the fruits of my labor then It is right and just to wear my most revolutionary make-up.” 

hanna gown

#6. She was the class bet for the Presidency position in the college. She did not gave any remarks about the issue, instead she wore what she coined the “Freedom and Liberty” gown in one of the event. She did not run for the position. The position is belittling my gown, I refuse., she said in an interview.

hanna declaim

#7. Who can question her style. She always stands out with her raffles and curtains. This is her normal look during every event in college.

hanna brown

#8. Her attires eventually shifted to shades of brown. We were shocked and puzzled. Was something wrong? She told us.

“I want to be a nun.”

hanna ang gym

#9. I asked her, are gaining muscles and body building included in the requirements to become a nun?

“No, I want to become fit. I want to become a sexy star.”

hanna and pussycat

#10. One day, she woke up with a feeling that she wanted to buy pussycats. When she showed her new favorite, we were silenced. The nun, the sexy star now becomes a child?

hanna and antique

#11. Her fascinations for stones, volcanic debris and mountains never ceased.

“I can hear their voices.”, she said. 

hanna and me

#12. We are the queen and the King of the dance floor. While others are enjoying, her we are playing our own dance, I am the bull, chasing her red cloth like a MATADOR.

hanna and sea

With all of these, It was with her craziness that supported my crazy thoughts as well. Hanna taught me to open my eyes to the things that are invisible to the naked eye, she opened my ears for me to hear the spirits of this world, she calibrated my awareness of events, she made me one hell of a human and the WAYA would agree with me on how did she influenced us to become better and crazier.

Our theme song:


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