It is a must to have a friend who loves nature. When it comes to nature, no doubt Red is my perfect buddy. Aside from the fact that we were best of friends for almost a decade, it is also given that he is the repository of my darkest secrets. We pledged to bring this to our graveyards. Knowing and spending time with him made me realized that human as we are, we need to always go back to nature where we first emerged. He once said and I quote.

“Nature is our history and we can only find ourselves if we constantly go back to its realms.”

“Yes, I will return you to your home.”, I said. Then he slapped me.

Here are the following fun facts about Red.

red tree

#1. Red is like a MONKEY. He loves climbing up on trees. He believed that this is a primitive ability of humans –to climb especially on trees. When I asked him why, he gave me two reasons. a) The aura trees give us can uplift our spirits. b) Once you are on the branches, you will realize the beauty of nature, the abundance of oxygen, the fresh air and you will question yourself, what have I done to repay these trees?

#2.  Red is like a Fish. Whenever he saw a river, he wants to lie down and red riverexperience the water’s caress.  I remember one time, he told me, “What if we take a bath in  Pasig River?” River for him is the aquarium of the world. The first animals came from the bodies of water and we can only understand our real existence if we submerge ourselves to it. “Furthermore, it can cleanse your soul”, he added. 

red stones

  #3 Red is a Shaman! I caught him one time doing this in the middle of the river in Mambukal in Negros, Occidental. It was 5am in the morning, and up until now answers on how, why and what was he doing with the stones remained rare. In an interview he told me, I was practicing with my new talent. 

red medical

#4. Red has a soft spot for the community. He cried a lot upon seeing the destruction after the havoc of Typhoon Yolanda in the northern part of Iloilo. He immediately left his work to volunteer in the community. He told me in a phone call,

“Inday!” Well, the term Inday for us is a distress signal.

red orgasmic

#5 He is a singer. He has this kind of facial expression when surrounded with boys. In an interview, he told me that I was only singing with full feelings. Sometimes, you need to close your eyes to see the most beautiful things in life.

red master

#6 He is a choreographer in almost of my play. This is a picture from our poetry in motion presentation. I was included to be the lead member of the fly,(I was the only male member wearing bra) of course I asked him to allow me! Lol

We got a perfect score from that epic performance! 

red and me

It was indeed an epic journey together with one of my craziest friends. We battled for academic supremacy since in High School, we rubbed elbows in all the quiz bees, we break the legs of each other to win the school elections. But unlike others, we do this for fun, food and experience. 

By the way, this is his favorite song! I always play this song every morning when he is still asleep. Whahaha!


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