Lip Gloss?- Ask Rex

Ever since I dreamed to have a brother or a sister and alas he had given me both.

It was our first day in class back 2009, June when I first meet him. Oily lip balm, evenly applied face powder, curly, mysterious hair, and my favorite his naturally curled eyelashes; these are the characteristics that rejoices my heart everyday despite the difficult nursing subjects.


Yes, his eyelashes were natural like his genuine personality. Many misinterpreted him, linked him to many personalities like Lady Gaga, Britney, Miley Cyrus, Kris Aquino whom he patronizes up until now with the inclusion of Nicki Minaj. But here are my own experiences.

#1. He taught me how to apply lip gloss.

“The lips is the mirror to our sexuality, if your lips is dry, you know.”

rex  lipstick

#2. Rexell is a good endorser of food. He always quote.

“You must try something else, something different.”

rex icecreamrex chatime

I did not permit him to introduce new concepts to my system, thus I dragged him to some of my passions.

#1. I introduced him to community service.

Now, it’s time to increase your SPF in your lotion and powder!

rex community

#2. I Encouraged him to join me in my fiction writing journey.

“Truth has two sides, and the better story always wins.”

rex seminar

To punish me, he coerced me to ride with him in this LOG!

“Sometimes, you need to experience how to fall like a log from a mountain.”

rex log

If you want an adventurous life he is the best buddy. He defies physics, chemistry and even destiny. Now, he is asking me to go to the Sierra Madre for a jogging. But I must admit, he helped me in many ways, a lot of ways. 🙂

PS He is now mastering the art of cosmetics!  


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