Changing career is not easy. It requires a strong will and fiery argumentation skills to outweigh the proposition of the parties concerned more especially your parents or your sponsors that  were expecting you to become what they envisioned many years ago. It is an art to win them on your side more to win their support.

When I decided to step down from my position as a staff nurse in the midst of my progressing career in a premier institution many petitioners brought out their objections blocking my decisions. However, I cannot be petrified by such actions and I confronted them like a real lawyer. Guided with providence and with a just God I appeared in front of them and presented my defense.

“With the difficulty to find nursing job today you don’t have the luxury to resign from your position. You are in your track for a secured future, if you leave now then what?”, this is the solid argument of  my parents which I will show you how I delivered my rebuttals.

Argument 1: You chose that course. You had finished it already. You need to embody it.

My response: For the record, my choice was influenced by others who deliberately wanted me to become a nurse. You knew what I wanted.

Argument 2: Nursing can give you a lot of money.

My response: Money comes with passion, if  the job that you are in right now is not your passion then money is just temporary. Make your passion your profession.

Argument 3: Nursing is booming outside the country.

My response: But I don’t want to go out of this country, I wanted to live and die here. I want to serve and help this nation like a real Filipino.

Argument 4: We are old and your own security and the family should be the priority.

My response: Exactly, I want to spend my time here with you, quality life is my priority. We only live once, but  once is enough if we spend it meaningfully.

Argument 5: Many of your classmates are already outside the country earning dollars.

My response: Earning dollars outside the country does not mean that they are happy and monetary factors does not define ones success.

Closing argument: Your honor, there is no higher joy seeing someone actualize their ultimate dream in life. If we allow and support them there is no higher glory at the end. In grandstanding, it is sufficient to say that humans we need to live to survive, we need to adjust and cope up with the standards imposed by our society, our families and our friends, but are these standards really define who we are? Many people die without reaching their highest potential. At their death bed they regret the moment that they ignored the call of their passion. We lose experts and talents because they are misplaced in a different plane.

Your honor, if we permit this to happen, if you will not grant me my motion to pursue my dreams, your action will be placed into records, this action is comparable to murder and allowing me to continue in this current endeavor is a gross miscarriage of justice. No amount of persuasion will sway the scales of justice for me to drop my case.

Please your honor!

VERDICT: Go on and pursue your personal Legend, go and become what you want to become.

Tears fell from my angelic eyes and I sang this song in great jubilation. 


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