“A sausage a day, makes the ponies Awake.”

  1. In every rigid tin can lies a spineless and enchanting sausage.
  2. At first it is challenging to get what you desire, but with a piercing can opener you can grasp the indulgent tan sausage inside.
  3. In a can, there are a lot of mouthwatering sausages. Pick well.
  4. The strident edges of the can may severe your hands. Be cautious. If you are uncertain ask for an aid.
  5. The label might deceive you. Check the expiration date.
  6. You don’t know the actual size, until you open the can. Don’t assume and expect.
  7. Don’t shake the can, the more you shake the less firm they will become.
  8. Don’t drink the juice inside. Be keen to which is edible and not.
  9. Eat one sausage at a time. Sausage aspiration is a grave offense.
  10. And lastly, it is best to share your sausage to others. Open your can.


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