Mikee is here!

Today is a festivity!

 Last few days, I was busy attending my preparations for an entry to another world. It might be soon! I’ll keep you posted promise.

It’s been three days since I brought you to another world but good news for those who love Mikee. Today, I’ll bring you to a bizarre world of a nurse named Jos. It’s his birthday today and I’m attributing today’s blog for him. He is real and today’s blog is for, with and through him, since he is leaving, and that’s so sad. This is a simple accolade to his benevolence when I was once under his command and direction during my training days.   

I would like to share to you the ten last words of Jos.


Here are the TEN last words from Jos that I’ll treasure forever.


1. Check and read the chart immediately when you arrived at the unit.


2. Listen to the endorsement.


3. Learn to prioritize.


4. Identify patient correctly.


5. Do not administer harmful drugs.


6. Push the Breuer’s cart with grace.


7. Love your patients.


8. Work closely with the health team.


9. Love your co-nurses.


 10. Just give it a try.



These were the ten last words that I learned from entering the world of Jos. I know that he has many rationales behind those commandments, of course all nursing related, but I applied it in a different light.

I learned that to succeed in life you need to check your chart first. It is an essential to have an impeccable plan for yourself, diagnostics of your own fortes and softness, wide-ranging history and many more. Having a worthy life at the end needs a supple and achievable plan. I reminisced the time when I fantasized to work in a prestigious health institution in the country.  At first, I had reservations but with all my will based from my self- assessment and plans I chose to pursue it.

Life is a matter of listening. Sometimes, we flop because we failed to notice the sounds coming from within ourselves. The most powerful and most reliable sounds are coming inside of us, the S1 and S2, the vesicular, bronchial and the bowel sounds. Listen to your heart and soul, and follow it, at least if you failed, it’s your own fault; no one to blame for.

In life, you cannot serve two masters. We have only one body, one soul, one full day, one genital, etc. We need to classify and prioritize.  Do not follow ABC; try to formulate your own standards. For me, I have my own formula, F M C: Family, Mikee and Country.

In life, accurate identification is very critical. Identify your friends and make them as family and identify enemies and make them as friends if not pets. One identifier is not enough; sometimes when we meet a person, when he/she appears handsome or beautiful we immediately jump into his world. The greatest misconception about beauty is that it resides in the physical aspects. But the reality is that real beauty comes from inside then projected outside. That’s why Glutathione injectable is far effective in whitening the skin compared to traditional soaps. Infuse your body with positivity and kindness; you will appear beautiful.  Learn to use other identifiers.

In life there are times that we impart a portion of our self to others. The rule is, make sure what you are imparting is correct and beneficial to the person accepting it. Be careful in what you are giving, if it’s contraindicated, like wicked words, dissuasions and pessimisms, demoralizing comments and bullet like witticisms that degrade a person; please do not.  Everything that we give has a side effect, always learn how to control them, either could it be systemic or local.

Life is full of pressure and stress, always appear beautiful and graceful. The only constant in this world is change and thus, stress and pressure because when there is change stress and pressure follow.

Love everyone, because love opens all possibilities in this world. Because of love we are all alive. So love each other. Remember loving doesn’t mean making love all the time.

No man can live alone. The power lies in the web that we have. Always utilize people and let other people utilize you also for good. Utilization is different from exploitation. Humans are a basically social creature, that’s why we need to socialize and build communities and links for us to survive and flourish.

Love your co-workers because they are your support when your foundation starts to fall. They are your shock absorbers, your handkerchief replacements, your canteen, your emergency bank and your soldier if you have your own personal war.

And lastly, I learned to try something new. Life is an adventure. We cannot do everything in this world without the first step. It’s OK to create mistakes as long as they are original. If you created a fault publish it on Facebook or in a real book and sell it, so that you can help others or gain from your mistake.


For almost a month of working and learning with Sir Jos; he intently taught me  how to do quality and safe nursing, I expected it. What I didn’t expect was he imperceptibly taught me the realizations of life. Mikee believes that nursing is not a one way process. It is not about the patients only. Nursing is a two way course instead. It is about finding the meaning in every trial, proceedings and daily engagements: noble or evil, flamboyant or dismal, dead or alive.  We can learn something new even from opening the vials, aspirating liquids, washing our hands, disposing sharps, changing linens, draping and diaper change, unwrapping of meds and all-entire-over-all nursing procedures and experience above and below the heavenly skies.









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