Its Ninoy Aquino’s day!

Ninoy Aquino is one of my favorite public figure in history not because of his death anniversary that gave me a day off, but because of his intelligence, will and courage to reveal the darkness behind President Marcos regime during the dark times of the Philippines. Without prejudice to other Presidents of the republic, President Marcos is my favorite, not because of Imelda, but because of his powerful personality that silenced the lions and the lambs during his presidency. To date, Pres. Marcos projects are far behind the projects of all the president of the Philippines taken as a whole.

Earlier, I went to the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque to at least pay a visit to Ninoy’s earthly tomb. Oh, the whole place was full of yellow flowers and ribbons that reminded me of both Ninoy and Cory, even the 2010 presidential election and the people power revolution. The place was very crowded. With my determination, I was able to kneel on the front portion of the Hero’s tomb.


Today, we will not dive into the world of Ninoy, Cory or Kris. I will bring you the world of a person, whom I believed, in representation, deserves to be called as a hero as well. Since, I promised to deliver a 100 word story, here it goes: 

“Holding the barrel of the syringe, Perry gave a sweet smile; the smile that appeased the pain of the person lying on his bed. He calculated the dose accurately and carefully infused it. Despite his tired and unsatisfied body, he makes sure that the correct drug was administered or else death will occur. His stomach was in hunger, but not his heart. His arms are already fatigued but not his spirit. His touch conveyed healing, but his foot was protesting. Despite all of these, he remained as an angel and as an advocate. He transformed the room into a paradise.”

Perry is one of the millions of nurses that transform the hospital into a paradise. They are the one that give their valuable time despite the meager pay. They are qualified to be enlisted as one of a living heroes because they are selfishly giving their time and effort to guard the life of their patients. Nurses are like Ninoy, figuratively, they are shot by the government not by bullets but an atmosphere that conveys indifferent behaviors and gestures, but I say and we say, that nurses are one of the living heroes of this society. So If you are a nurse, you deserve the Libingan ng mga Bayani! and you deserve the respect, the honor and top of that is the holiday. 🙂

Until next time! 





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