The Manifesto


It’s been almost a week since I posted my last entry. I would like to extend my sincerest apology to the entire dragonfly colony out there waiting for my most recent posting. The reason that I wasn’t able to post wasn’t about the idea that I’m tired of writing or I lost my taste with the art. I will never do that, because it is with writing that I can explore other worlds and dimensions and it is through my blog that I can share it to you.

Why there is a change of theme?

Good observation. I believe that my past theme was dark and it doesn’t speak about my real nature. I want my space to be like the real me, green and wild, like the grass in your own lawn. I consider myself like a grass, you can beat me, you can pull me out from of the ground but I will live forever! My roots will remain!

What’s with the dragonfly?

Another good question. As you can see, the butterfly is the center of my blog. I love animals, but my favorite is the dragonfly. I can trace this liking back to my childhood, when I always visit the farm during the afternoon to catch this humble insect. Dragonfly like me is colorful, it has big eyes, (well I don’t have one) but the big eyes symbolize my own awareness and understanding of my environment. I’m turned between a butterfly and a dragon fly, my final decision was the latter because I didn’t originate from a caterpillar and I don’t love flowers!

What world are you trying to communicate?

Oh well, not the world that your mother gave to you. I want to show you the reality of this world, all the visible and more the invisible. I want to capture every human experience and share it with you. In my space, I don’t honor limitations only possibilities. But, once you dive into my world, you need to strengthen your faith and your foundation, determine the lies from the truth.

So what are your plans for the Month of August?

I have no plans at all, since excellent experience can happen anytime. But for the sake of those who are reading my blog religiously, I want to give them a heads-up of what will happen this August. I have a friend whose name is Augustus. He is handsome and sweet. Every time we do conversation, he limits his words to only 100 words, and we ended up laughing. I miss those days, so I have decided to play with stories composed of 100 words only. I know that some of my audiences are busy in their work; therefore, it’s beneficial and practical to tell them a story in just 100 words. So my advice is just watch out and heads low, you might get hit! Haha!

Why there is a change of language?

Got it! This is not because I don’t love my own language; the main reason is, I noticed that many audiences from other countries are reading my blog. They emailed me and ask some translations, I cannot do it because of my own workload. Nonetheless, I decided to make appropriations:


TTH- (English)

Weekends- (Regional Language)

Are there things we need to watch out this month?

Yes. Yes. I’m currently working with a mini-anthology, the first book is entitled “Uhaw: Kwento ng tagtuyot at natuyuan.”



Take care,








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